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  • I live in Molde
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  • My occupation is Pupil
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Advanced mindpower

Advanced mindpower can hypnotize. But it isn't a normal hypnotize;  he don't need to see them,touch them or look in their eyes. He don't need to say anything either. It can read minds/feelings, make shield, move things with watching them, track peoples/things etc.The power can do almost everything. It is the most unknown and most powerfull power in the saga. It is named advanced mindpower because mindpower move things, but this power has a VERY POWERFULL hypnotize. No shields can ever stop this power, only one exception; if someone others have this power, they can use their shields. This power isn't only from twilight, but it is also from the REAL world. This is a human power. Ralph Geolomin is the only as have this power.

Ralph Volturi
Biographical information

November 11th, 2531 B.C.; Los Angeles (LA didn’t existed on that time, but he was born where LA is now)


November 11th, 2511 B.C.; Molde (Norway didn’t existed on that time, but he was changed where Molde is now even thought that people didn’t knew that Asia and Europe existed)

Age when turned


Created by



November 11th, 2511 B.C.; Molde (Norway didn’t existed on that time, but he died where Molde is now even thought that people didn’t knew that Asia and Europe existed)

  • Ralph Geolomin (real birth name)
  • Ralph Volturi (coven name)
  • Ralph Geolomin Volturi (birth name and coven name)
  • Unnamed guard 10 (Volturi guard)
  • The first vampire in the world
Physical description






Hair color

Light Brown

Eye color
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Limited self-control
Special abilities

Advanced mindpower

  • One of the bodyguards to a pharaoh (former)
  • Personal bodyguard to Marcus (former)
  • Volturi guard
  • Leader of the Volturi guards



Early life

Kind and helpful. He moved to Molde (Norway didn’t existed on that time, but he moved where Molde is now) when he was 10. He wasn’t biten, but he died by that he killed himself when he was 20, so when he died; he became a vampire by himself. He was the first vampire on twilight, so he is the reason to the first vampires was changed (take example Amun, Caius, Athenodora Marcus and Aro). Exactly 11 years after he was changed to vampire (November 11th, 2500 B.C.), he moved to nearly Cairo. Ralph don't want to drink human blood, but does because he's in the Volturi clan. He's the least blood thirsty in the Twilight saga. He's even less blood thirsty than Carlisle and The Denali coven. He's the first who found that vegetarians fail to stop to drink them as well because they're tempted of of human blood if they've been living on animal blood for a long time. But Ralph lives on human blood, so he can control himself them. He kills only culprit. The first persons he killed was his parents. He killed his parents because they mistreated and tried to rape him, other children and other adults. But for the most part it's Heidi or some other of Volturi who give him food. His education is bodyguard. He was the bodyguard to a pharaoh in Egypt. He doesn't speak in the movies. He's not mentioned in any of the movies or books. But even thought Ralph was Marcus's personal bodyguard, wasn't he always near Marcus. Then it was sometimes Renata protected Marcus and Caius too. In New Moon is Ralph with the door. When he's out does he always go in the same clothes. And when he's in the castle he go in always in the same clothes. He has a grey cloak. Even thought it is normal for those who have the most powerful ability has black cloak, has he gray cloak. That is because he and some others that have powerful abilities are unnamed and do not need to join the war. And then they have gray cloak because that they have powerful abilities, but do not need to join the war.


New Moon

In  New Moon, Ralph is guard with Afton and some others in the tower. When Jane began  to torture EdwardRalph used his shield on Edward a liitle before Aro said "Jane!"

Breaking Dawn

Ralph makes his second appearance in Breaking Dawn when his coven prepares to "punish" the Cullen family for creating an immortal child. They later learn that the child they were prepared to eliminate is in fact a half-human half-vampire hybrid.

When Alice gives Aro proof that half-vampires can be shrouded from human discovery, the entire Volturi retreats to Volterra in peace.


New Moon (film)

Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Unamed Volturi

Ralph and 3 other unnamed Volturi guards in Breaking Dawn - Part 2

In the Volturi castle

Ralph, Demetri, Felix, Alice Cullen, Edward Cullen, Afton and Jane in New Moon

Ralph Geolomin Volturi

Ralph watching Marcus's death

Survivors Volturi with guards

Angry Aro

Volturi and guards

From right to left: Ralph, unnamed guard 11, Aro, Athenodora and Sulpicia

Volturi with guards

Ralph, one of the three guards to Sulpicia and Athenodora


Ralph Geolomin Volturi, the only as has advanced mindpower

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