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Hi, Well Not sure what to put on this page- It seems to be unlimmited, funny how now I don't know what to say

Well I LOVE twilight, strandly to some I am not a big fan of the three main characters - a lot of peple find that quite wierd. I am a HUGE Jalice fan - the reason I ever found this sight in the first place- one of the few sights that seem to have true information on my fave characters! :D

When I'm not scanning through the internet for more infomation about my favourite characters I am writing as them or drawing them. My drawing skills have improoved sooo much since I started drawing them. A lot of my drawings are part of my stories- some might appear a little strange because of this but it means I can promote my fave stories a lot more.

Template:InfoboxPixieXW 14:42, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

Hope to add my Pictures and stuff soon!

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