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October 19, 2011
  • I live in Los Angeles
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  • My occupation is 10th Grade Student
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My Name Is Dakota C. Merazic [Yes I Am The Sister Of Monika] I Am BIG Fan Of Twilight And Vampire Diaries XD For Twilight I Am Team Jacob [Well... I Can Still Admire Edward] For Vampire Diaries I Am Team Salvatore Brothers,Caroline,Elena,Bonnie,Lexi,Emily. Anyway You Can Search My Besties:ILoveTheCullens and VamprieAngelEdit

Hi there again i have two besties here too they are my real besties in the real world(: I love twilight, i just love it! i love Jacob Black ! cause he is smoking hottie(: i like Taylor Launter. no offense to you Edward Fans i also love him too(: Edit

I also like vampire diaries that's my favorite show that i love and enjoy the best(: my favorite characters are mentioed on the top well i am sorry if i did not put jeremy well i hate him (no offense if u like him) anyway i am a delena fan(: cause you already know what happened to Stefan going darker(:Edit

My Besties let's start with user VamprieAngel she is my 23 year old best friend i know she is older than me and i don't give a f*** if she's older than me i was so happy when i first met her she is the awesomest,funniest,sweetest friend ever we call her a Sheela cause she knows how to belly dance. (cool right)Edit

My second bestie ILoveTheCullens she is my other bestie she is one year older than me i am 16 and she is 17 i already don't give a f*** if she's older than me too(: but i am happy with her too she rocks my life and she used to have bad attitude on me when i had bad attitude one time now we made up and became more than friends like besties forever. and never ruin our friendship XDEdit


Elder Sister:ILoveTheCullensEdit

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