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  • I live in Isle Esme, national academy of dance, hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
  • My occupation is being a full-time twihard, loving ben tickle, an arouror (dark wizard catcher)
  • I am a veggie vampire, a dancer, a wizard
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hiya! im nora cullen! im a total twihard! oh, and by the way, edward is my husband... yes thats right people he left bella for me! PSYCH! but i am inlove with him (like almost anyon who read the series is)


but sadly, he did not leave bella for me :( , whatever he will one day :D im a team edward girl (obviously and team seth... he's just so adorable! (btw seth is my second husband (joking again)). sooo... yeah, thats me, Nora Cullen!

Twilight isn't my only obsession...Edit

i love Harry potter too! (harry is also my husband, and ron and neville too!) i think that it's a very smart series, and it has mystery, myth, romance, and drama (just like twilight!) which entertains me to the fullest! i also have a harry potter wiki account,

Harry potter

harry potter, a series i could not live without <3

where my name will remain anonomous on this wiki for privacy reasons (sory


i also love hunger games (not as much as twilight or harrypotter, don't worry!) but very much so! Gale is my favorite! he's so sweet and katniss still turns him down, i feel bad for him.''''GALE IF YOU"RE READING THIS I WOULD NEVER TURN YOU DOWN!



cute manatee!


1. I love manatees!Edit

2. I play the clarinetEdit

3.I LOVE lobster!Edit

4.I love alternative rock!Edit

5.remember me is my favorite movie!Edit

6.I write musicEdit

7.I'm NOT a girly-girlEdit favorite show is H2oEdit

9.I talk WAY too muchEdit favorite quotes is "help will always be given at hogwarts fo those who ask for it", good thing I asked for it!Edit


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