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June 2, 2012

Hi! My name is Ninishe. I am an expert on Twilight! You can ask me anything. I have every detail on the saga. I have pet names for each couple on the saga. Although some people don't like Jacsmee, I just came up with it from the top of my mind. I like the old pet name for Emmett and Rosalie, Emmalie, but I came up with Rosette, Esmisle and Jacsmee. I didn't know that Edella and Jalice were already used, that just proves I have the head of other Twi - hards! I have also tried to come up with ideas for Jacsmee's baby girl. The only result is werewolf/vampire hybrids. I promise to come up with an idea soon. In the meantime, send me your ideas for Jacsmee's daughter!

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