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About meEdit

Name: Nina, Bloody Mary, Demon.

Description: I’m not short I’m fun sized. Slender build; longish bright red hair ranging from cherry red to blood red; light blue eyes surrounded in green-black makeup; VERY PALE; wears black nail polish almost all of the time; hyper once you get to know me; sits in dark corners listening to loud music; would be a modern day Hippie or Goth if she wasn’t emo. Has an obsession with anime and music, also an obsession with guys wearing nail polish.

Social Status: Emo. No, I'm not a vampire; like most people ask (you would be surprised at how many people ask me on a daily basis.) Maybe a little bit gothic… and tree hugger…

Television: The Vampire Diaries, Friends, AFV, Suspense horror comedy movies.

Music: The only techno band I listen to is She Wants Revenge, but I mostly listen to stuff like In Flames to You Me At Six. I have a habit of being VERY territorial with bands that I’ve discovered by myself, if you discover it first then it’s all good, but if I do then you better not start listening to it. IT’S MINE.

Likes: Paradiso ice cream, teriyaki chicken, Chinese food, music, Emo dudes, Goth-emo fashion, a good book, vampires, anime, random photos and art.

Dislikes: Stupid people, bad music, prejudices, stereotypes, backstabbers, gossipers, fakes, posers, people who are mean for no reason at all, sexists, people who steal my music.

Allergies: Fake jewelry, the sunlight. *smirk*

Random trivia: A lot of people find me cute so I’m thoroughly protected. I’m a natural blonde on one of my slow days you can tell. I’m rated PG-13 it just means I contain too much sexual innuendo, coarse language, and on a bad day tend to throw stuff around. Someone once said I was a born charmer and easy to fall in love with, pshhh. My imagination knows no bounds. I smell like cotton candy. I have psychotic tendencies, I’m NOT crazy (though some people think I am) I just am sometimes. I’m a Taurus. Born in autumn, because I’m originally from New Zealand. I’m half vegetarian. I’m extremely paranoid especially at night.

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