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Hello, I'm Ana! I'm 16 years old and I live in Washington! There's not much to say here. Well, I read Twilight quite early. I had to wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. Though my friend Sarah read it so early that she had to wait for New Moon to come out! I was a big fan. Though, admittedly, the amount of attention the book has received threw me off a bit. I like it, but the amount of people that obsess over it rather annoys me. Some people give Twilight fans a bad name. I assure you, I'm not a crazy fan and I don't want to marry Edward or Jacob because I recognize that they are fictional characters. (Though Seth is another story. What? I'm not allowed to crush on Seth? Try and stop me!)
So, I really don't like people who are too obsessed with Twilight. But I also don't like people who hate on it all the time and parody things like "Vampires Suck" annoy me. I understand that the book has it's flaws (just like every other book in the world!) but it's not really that bad! I enjoyed it quite a lot! I mean, I'm here aren't I? :D
If you must ask, I've always been Team Jacob and Team Werewolf in general. (I do like Edward and the Vampires, just not as much.) And I defently ship Bella/Jacob. As well as Sam/Leah because I love Leah and she deserves him and happiness. (Though I do love the angst of not being able to have him. That's actually why I first began to love Leah so much.) Kate/Garret has always intrigued me. Also, Bree/Diego.
My favorite character would have to be Leah Clearwater, because she's a lot like me and might even be my secondary alter-ego (after Johanna Mason from The Hunger Games.) Also, because I find her imensly interesting and want to know more about her. My second favorite character would be Seth Clearwater. This favorite is Jacob.
My favorite vampire is Jane, because she's awesome. My favorite "good" vampire? Probably Edward or perhaps Carlise (I love Carlise just for believeing in God and because he's pretty cool.) Unless, I am allowed to count Bree Tanner because I love her.
My favorite human is Jessica.
Like I said, there isn't really much to say because I'm pretty boring and you mostly wasted your time reading this (sorry 'bout that.)
If you want to know, my avatar (and, no, I don't mean Benjamin xD) as of 8/29/2011 is of Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy from Harry Potter. I may change it, though, so you should no that it's the one of two people on a broomstick.
And, still not much to say. Would you like to see some Userboxes? They don't seem to be very popular here, which is strange because they're very popular on some of my other wikis.
{{User Team Jacob}}
{{User Team Jacob}}
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{{User Team Seth}}
{{User Team Seth}}
{{User Team Jane}}

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