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February 23, 2012
Bd honeymoon
Twilight is what i love most. My favourite character is Edward C
315px-Newmoon cullens


ullen and Emmett Cullen.

Edward: The most gorgeous guy to ever walk the earth. Just simply amazing.

Emmett: A classic muscley bloke. and a cute one too.

Alice: That gorgeous pixie-like girl who always seems bubbly and can see the future. And when it comes to Bella's birthday, graduation party and wedding, Alice has to plan everything!!

Rose: The beautiful blonde who helps Bella throughout her pregnantcy and looks after Edward and Bella's baby daughter.

Jasper: That amazing male blonde vampire that can control you're emotions when you worry about things. (such as Bella)

Bella: Edward's wife who later discovers she is pregnant. But comes back as a pretty good-looking vampire.

Renesmee (Nessie): That gorgeous little girl that Bella gave birth too grows incredably fast.

Esme and Carlisle: without these vampires, there wouldn't be an olympic coven. it works well whwn you have a doctor in the house.

Emmett and Alice Cullen

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