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Shay McLeod
Biographical information

Early 1100s; Scotland


Early 1100s

Age when turned


Created by


  • Seamus (birth name)
Physical description




Hair color

Golden Brown

Eye color
  • Silver blue (human)
  • Crimson (newborn vampire)
  • Amber (3 months as a vampire)
  • Gold (eventual color)
  • Black (thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Sora (wife)
  • Sage (sister)
  • (father) ♰
  • (mother) ♰
  • Minerva (adoptive mother)
  • Tristan (adoptive brother-in-law)
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Improved speed
  • Exceptional Self-control
Special abilities



Antique-dealer, author


Shay is one of the two leaders, alongside his adoptive mother and creator, Minerva, of the Scottish Coven, the elder biological brother of Sage, and husband of Sora, as well as one of the most powerful Vampires in the world via his ability of Telekinesis, enabling him to manipulate phiscal objects, even people, with his mind alone, and he has used this power to kill, as well as mimic the power of flight or sensing physical presences without his physical senses.


Early life

Shay, borne Seamus McLeod, was born in the early 1100s, to a Lord of a Scottish clan. Seamus was expected to grow up, become a worthy warrior, and his father's heir. Seamus trained dilligently under his father in swordsmanship, archery, falconry, survival, hunting, and horse-riding, while his mother taught him history, reading & writing, music, and culture. When he was four, his younger sister, Sage was born.

When he was twelve, Seamus discovered he had the latent ability to move things without touching them, initially enough to manipulate chess pieces. He proudly showed his "gift" to his mother, who was so shocked and horrified she slapped him. She immediately apologized tearfully and made Seamus swear never to use this ability again, as she feared he would be branded a witch.

Seamus didn't heed his mother's words however. Time and again, he would sneak off into the forest and practice his gift. Eventually his sister Sage took notice of his sneaking off and followed him. She observed Seamus practicing his gift, seeing him move a few rocks around in a circle.

She returned home to tell their father what she had seen, leading to their father summoning Seamus to his chambers. The confrontation turned violent and Seamus's mother interfered to stop her husband from beating their son. Unfortunately, she was killed in the argument. Overcome with anger and grief, Seamus's father blamed him, believing him to have "cast a spell" on him, forcing him to kill his wife. He beat Seamus black and blue and threw him into a dungeon to rot.

Sage was horrified by what her actions had led to, and turned to one of the castlemaids for help. This maid was her long-time nanny, Minerva, who had always been like a second mother to her. After explaing to her what happened, Minerva promised Sage she would help Seamus.

Turning and Vampire life

For days, a battered Seamus languished in the dungeon, wishing to die, heartbroken his gift had led to his mother's death, and hating his father for beating him and blaming him when the lord himself was the murderer.

He eventually heard a voice outside his cell as it opened and in walked what he thought was an angel, until he recognized her as Minerva, his sister's nanny/maid. Minerva offered Seamus a life unlike any other, and the power to avenge his mother's death. Seamus immediately said yes, and was answered by a bite to his shoulder, as Minerva Turned him. For three days, Seamus lied in silent agony of burning hell, until he woke up and found himself reborn and incredibly thirsty. Minerva brought him blood, promising him he would be free but he must wait.

Minerva kept Seamus in his cell for an entire year, bringing him blood, often from an animal so as not to draw suspicion. Finally the year ended, and Seamus was freed.

He was led outside, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the sun, and soon discovered his gift had flourished into a power even greater, as he moved the legendary menhirs (stone monliths) as easily as he could lift a man with his vampiric strength.

Seamus attacked his father's castle at night, dispatching the guards without lifting a finger, watching in cruel delight as the guards screamed from being thrown about, their limbs torn off, or their necks snapped, all by an invisible force. He walked through the carnage, blowing away the doors that were supposed to keep him out, until he found his father cowering behind his throne. Seamus gave him a few vengeful words before throwing his father into the same cell he had been imprisoned in, and then insuring his father would never get out.

Seamus and Minerva found Sage and Minerva Turned her into a vampire as well, and they set the castle on fire to leave no trace of what had happened.

For the next few decades, Seamus got used to his immortal life, learning from Minerva of her gift of "persuassion" and they discovered Sage also had a gift, which she described as "fidning people": By thinking o0f someone, she could have a vision of them and even point out heir location on a map, which is partly how she had helped Minerva find Seamus when he'd been imprisoned.


Physical appearance

Like all vampires, Shay beholds enthralling beauty, his appearance having been likened to the Elves in the "lord of the Rings" movies; lithe, angular, etheral. He has high cheekbones, slanted eyes, even narrow ears, soft lips, and a set chin. His hair is a golden-brown, shaggy, reaching his midle-back, often kept tied above his ears while the rest spills down in a shimmering curtain. His eyes, once a silver-blue, are now described as cat-like with their honey-golden color. Shay stands at 5'7', with the perpetually thin but well-muscled body of an eighteen year-old who'd spent his life training to become a Scottish lord, but technically centuries old.


Shay is a philosophical thinker and very independent. His insight came from the events leading up to his Turning, making him slow to trust. He enjoys reading immensely and likes to collect books.

Shay has some degree of benevolence as he abhors the idea of inncoents and does not trust those who feed on humans, holding them in low regard. He cares deeply for those close to him and will give his life to protect them but he never makes choices for them (within reason, that is). He spends a lot of his time reading, studying myths, legends, and folklore, writing books under human aliases, and playing the Celtic Harp, piano, or Ocarina. He is fluent in Gaelic, Welsh, Latin, English, French, and Italian. He is also a skilled antiquarian, collecting, studying, and appraising artifacts, and has even sold some of the treasures he'd kept from his father's castle (until they were valuable), and frequently does business with private collectors over the phone or the internet. Asmentioned, he likes to collect books, even old and rare books, as well as first editions, and has a whole room as a library, one wall dedicated to his collection of old books, another to his many publishings (all under different pen-names and aliases), and another wall filled with his "modern" favorites.

Even so, Shay has a bit of a dark side, as he left his father to starve to death, with a sense of irony as he did so by imprisoning him in the saqme cell where his father left him to rot. He answers threats to his loved ones with threats of his own, often lifting those foolish enough to threaten him or his coven clear off the ground, and telekinetically hurting them to get his point across.

Shay despises the Volturi, considering them tyrants, hypocrites, and liars, particularly because, in certain ways, they remind him of his father. He declares to them he does not recognize their authority and kills anyone they send to threaten him or his coven, earning their abject desire to destroy him and his coven.

Powers & abilities: Telekinesis

Shay is the fastest vampire in the Scottish coven and a skilled fighter. As a vampire he has superhumans senses, strength, speed, stamina, healing factor, and agility. He also retains the training he'd underwent from his father to become a warrior, remembering various forms of hand-to-hand combat as well as swordsmanshp and archery.

Like any vampire, he possesses inhuman beauty, his appearance, scent, even his voice are alluring to humans.

Since he and his coven are "vegetarian" vampires, they do not have the full strength a vampire would have from feeding on human blood.


Even before he'd been Turned, Shay possessed the gift of Telekinesis, latent and untested as a human, reaching its full potential once he was made a vampire. This power enables him to move and manipulate physical objects with his mind. Aro both fears and desire Shay because of his power, hoping to recruit Shay into his guard. If not, he would rather Shay destroyed than have him fight against him. When he was still human, Shay's telekinetic potential was initially enough for him to move and manipulate chess pieces. He spent a few years practicing it until he was able to move small rocks with enough control and force to throw them at wild game to bring them down. Once he became a vampire, this power exploded with strength and potential, as Shay later discovered he could a monolith as easily as he could rip a man apart with his vampire strength.

Shay's potential with his Telekinesis is near-limitless. He can move and manipulate multiple objects, regardless of their mass, and even use his power on himself to mimic the power of flight. His control is mostly through his sight but he can exhibit more precice control when using his hands to direct what he is moving.

He is able to throw things, even books, with enough force to draw blood. In other words, Shay is able to kill someone without touching them, as he can lift them off the ground, bind their arms behind them, or even break their bones or snap their necks, or simply send them flying with a thought or flick of his finger.

One of Shay's most amazing uses of his Telekinesis is telekinetically sensing his physical surroundings. He is able to "reach out" and sense the physical environment, allowing him to roughly visualize what he senses in his mind. This includes people, especially if they're moving. However, this particular use of his Telekinesis takes a fair deal of concentration on his part.Even so, this makes it all but impossible to sneak up on him or hide from him.

Shay's power affects the physical, and he would be just as vulnerable as anyone against someone of invasive mnetal powers. Even so, this power of his makes him exceedingly dangerous and undoubtedly one of the most vampires in the world.




Shay is very close with his sister although she carries guilt for being the one to indir4ectly start the chain of events that led to their current statuses. Even so, he has come to forgive her and is protective of her, particularly because of her gift of "finding people".


Shay deeply loves and respects Minerva, seeing her as a mother, grateful to her for saving him and giving him the power to avenge his mother and take vengeance on his father. They lead their coven together, although Shay always notes Minerva's opinions and advice. Minerva loves Shay deeply, having helped raise him as his and Sage's nanny from when they were children, and keeps them from acting out with her gift of "persuassion" but these days uses it on them only as a last resort.


As a child, Shay respected and admired his father, training hard to become worthy of being his father's heir. He deeply loved his mother and was always attentive at her lessons although his gift led to a chain of events that has haunted him ever since. He was instilled with murderous hatred of his father for killing his mother, blaming him, and throwing him into a dungeon. He avenged his mother and got his revenge by throwing his father into the same cell he'd been placed in and leaving him there to rot.


Tristan is Shay's brother-in-law and best friend. They're sparring partners and occasionally competitive with each other, although Tristan views Shay as a leader. Shay is very protective Tristan for his power to "hide" the minds of those around him from mental detection, making it impossible for invasive mental powers to affect him or his coven since they can't detect them, even if they're right in front of them.

The Cullens

Shay and his coven are good friends of the Cullens, sharing their "vegetarian" lifestyle.

Edward Cullen

Shay is good friends with Edward, viewing him as an equal although he finds Edward's mind-reading annoying.

Carlisle Cullen

Shay holds a great respect for Carlisle, viewing him to be saint and a tribute to vampires for Carlisel's compassion and helping the ill and injured.

Bella Swan

Shay finds Bella to be quite likeable and beautiful, as well as interesting for her mental shield, viewing it to be similar to Tristan's gift.

Denali coven

The Denali coven are friends with Shay's, although he regards them with caution, regarding their "succubi" habits.

Quileute tribe

Shay admires the Wolves of the Quileute, admiring and respecting their strength, power, and beauty, and once admitted he wished he'd been born one of them.


Shay despises the Volturi because they remind him, in certain ways, of his father. He views them as tyrants, hypocrites, and monsters. He and his coven openly declared their rule false and willingly made enemies of them when Shay killed some members of their guard. The Volturi in turn fear Shay and vehemently desire to destroy him but because of Tristan "hiding" his coven's minds from the Volturi, not even their best tracker, Demetri, can find them.


Shay and Aro share a mutual bond of loathing, Aro more so because he views Shay as a threat and because he desires to destroy Shay for humiliating and insulting him to his face. Shay, in turn, mocks Aro blaantly and openly, and knows that Aro fears him.


Caius hates Shay ravenously and fears him, desiring to destroy him much as he hates and fears the Children of the Moon. Shay views Caius as a barbarian and a fool.


Shay and Jane hate each other but both fear each other on some level: Shay, because he has no defense against Jane's Illusionary pain, and Jane because she is helpless against Shay's Telekinesis. Even so, Shay has insulted her to her face, at the time protecting himself by having Tristan "hide" his mind from Jane's power.

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