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 NAME : merria volturi

merria volturi

species: vampire/human

gender: female

 age of tranformation: 12 or15

creator: aro but raised by carliele

date of tronsformation:1700 BC

time when carliele fomd her : 1923

family: aro, felix, demetri , edward, emmette, esme, rosealie, alice, jasper, carliele spectera

dovation : volturi,cullen


merria grew up in voltarr,italy with her dad and two brother until 1923   for she learned how to hunt from her dad but lived on animal blood most of her life she tought herself to read and write

but one day she fell asleep and never a woke from slpeep so her family took her to carliele he told him to leave her there and he will take care of while she a sleep  so aro did but felix and denetri stay so they know she alright merria finally awoke but did not remember anyone  she loved so she lived with cullen and the only memerory of her dad is a locket that he gave her to remember him if she did not remeber.


merria midadaulthood .

New Moon-Alec

merria's mate

midadault hood: she lived with the cullens and became a cullen she hunted animals with them. Her brother's went back to voltarra and told her dad she was alive but she still did not rememer him but only them. So he only saw her doing vists once or twice a month every year. At  the age of 19 she finally remember her father and mother so she asked carliele if she could find him and live with him and the volturi and thank the cullen for all they did for her and meet her brothers at the ocean after asking permision by the uley and blake packs . when she arived a nice girl and her brother people she did not remember only some. The girl was name jane and her brother was alec they  must have been  twins. jane showed merria to her room. but alec would not move he said this was his room too. she was shocked why did her dad giveher a room that was already tooken? he said," your dad put you with me because the volturi is do big there is no more rooms sorry". merria just shoke her head in belefe  that her would do that she started unpaacking and he asked she need help she only thing she said was a soft yes in a soft voice. alec understood and started helping her.

new moon  2009Edit

merria did not know that there was something going on with Alec and her relationship all she thought was that they where freinds  nothing more but when she over heard her brother talk about coming Edward to there father to himself devistaded over that. She ran to her and Alec room and locked the door. 2 hour later Alec came back from a mission and saw the door was lock. He knocked on it and only her a small weak voice filled with sadness. he asked "What wrong" no one spoke but a little weak voice saying "no, nothing wrong" alec knew  better to listen to that when something was wrong . Later merria finally unlocked the door.she took a shower like she always do when she was sad .alec againasked her what wrong.This time in a stornger but still weak voice answered him. merria poured out tears and told him saying "i over hered  Felix and Demetri talking aout edw

pargraght 4 sentece 8

ard coming to ask  to Aro kill him she started to cry but Alec wiped them away. and she look in to him big red eyes and kissed.When the day came for Edward to ask Aro to kill him  mw=erria beged him not to which made Alec mad/jeolous. when Edward came bake and Aro said no,that hiis gift is to vauable. Which mad Edward mad he could not live in a world where bella did not exist. so he dicided to show himself to the humans.but Bella stoped him. felix and demetri  came out and said Aro needed him and bella too. When all of a sudden Alice came in the door and told them quote "we don't want to make a scene do we " felix just answered a storng we wouldn't. Then jane came with a small young girl on the side who look like she was 15.The small young girl was just
In the Volturi castle

jane leading alice, Edawrd,Bella, demetri,Felix, merria

sad,scared,tired still a haft breed. when she was Edward happy she grew a little more happy after she hered Aro dinnied him.when they gotthey pasted the secertary she saw her brother mouth she the one to thee secertary. merria came up to him and  slap him up side the head.In pained felix asked "what did  I  do sis" looking at him like he knew what he did,and shook her head. and went o. in the bake now she heard a female voice and a male voice talking about saying(bella)"who the little girl in the bake following them. (Edward) that merria she's Aro daughter she used to live with us before i meet you. know angry bella wondering if they dated before he meet her when all of a sudden she heard a girl say open the elivater door. and felix and demetri get in then bella edward alice merria and last jane when they get there merria and jane go by alec but merria goes the other way.Whille jane ot teased by her brother when alec was on the bring back 2 merria was already there. merria was horrified by what happen next. Her father told her brother (felix) to kill bella but Edward  portected bella merria was amaxed by that because she thought bella was a worthless human.But to Edward she ment everything to him
Volturi fight

Felix Fights edward

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