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Martin Buçhanon
Biographical information

February 10, 2010

  • Casper
  • Lestat
  • Bloodsucker
  • The Vampire Boy
Physical description






Hair color

Honey Blonde

Eye color
  • Pale Blue
Skin color

Cadaverous Pale

Family information
Family members
  • N/A
Special characteristics
Special abilities

Human Luring.


Student & Model.

=Martinvs =

My name is Martin Buçhanon even though I have French descent I’m from Mexico City. I am 15 years old and I admire more than love The Twilight Saga; I think these vampires are superbly magnificent; and the story from Bella is just so interesting and intriguing. I started modeling since a young age.

Everything started with those books, all girls that read them, said that I matched perfectly this Twilight Vampire’s description. I am 5,8 tall, I have a lean complexion, but muscular, EXTREMELY PALE SKIN, dark circles under my eyes, golden honey hair, light blue eyes, and I believe myself as appealing enough to conquer women easily; well I´m a rookie model .

This matches totally a vampire, the dark circles, too, the pale skin also, my looks as well, but not the eye color.

About my personality. Well, I’m a strained guy, since I live with many external pressures; I am quite narcissistic and proud-hearted. In my deepest interior I am downright the opposite, I hate myself, feel useless, just a piece of cute guy that girls don’t search for serious things, at least not the girls I know; only Pamela has been the one who has truly loved me beside my looks; the curse is that she passed away. I still miss you girl, our everlasting love cannot even be defeated by death.

I have an older sister, Laura, she is a model too. I speak 3 1/4 languages: Spanish, my native language. French, my father’s language, that I recently finished studying with fullness). English, learned at school. Latin, my waywardness to learn. And I recently started Italian studies. I love The Volturi, especially Jane (Sorry girls, I know you don’t like her but I do really) I like the Denali Sisters superbly and hold in high Carlisle’s way of "life". Renesmee is my favorite character in the Saga, I also like Seth.

Martin 02:06, April 2, 2010 (UTC)


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