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'''''I am no longer on this wiki account. For information, questions, etc, please see my new account: [[User:ChrysieeBoo Lovely|User:Chrysiee]] for all queries.'''''
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|<span style="color:#FFFFFF"><div><big>'''THIS USER IS CURRENTLY ON ANOTHER ACCOUNT'''</big></div><span style="color:#000000">
This user is a user of this Wiki, but is not currently editing. If you have any suggestions, comments or messages please contact my NEW account. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Hey U {{Template:Insert username}}! feel free to leave a message.... if im not back then TTYLXOX! I love the series alot do you? Let's Chat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, I love the series!! Ever since I read it all I think about is twilight!! My favorite movie/book is Eclipse, whats your favorite?
Aka ''Nat''. Natalie is Best-friend and I love her to death. In real life and the wikia!
Aka ''Dee''. I respect Dee so much!
===[ Love and Lust]: Aka ''Savannah''. Savannah is like the sister I never had!===
===[[User:MinorStoop|MinorStoop]]: Aka ''MS''. Not to lie but at first I''' hated''' MinorStoop. But know I love him (or her?)===
Newborn '''OFFICAL '''pics:
<gallery captionalign="left">
Sara in eclipse.jpg|Sara
casey.jpg|Casey/ Spider Man kid
Real Kristie in eclipse.jpg|Kristie

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I am no longer on this wiki account. For information, questions, etc, please see my new account: User:Chrysiee for all queries.

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