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December 1, 2009

Through books Or even in movies twilight is really AWESOME!!!.......

it's one of a KIND.

the Author:Stephenie Meyer ~~she's really great .I hoped my imagination would widened up so that i could make great stories too...just like twilight:))

well.. here in our country ,, there's a television program just like twilight ~its entitled "Imortal". Even though it just started ::the start was really wonderful; It's about a man and a woman that are meant to save their kind. The woman here is named "Liah" ~she is born to saved the wolf pack , but she and the whole pack dont know anything about the said ""destined day"". The man here..Matteo is a vampire,savior of vampires, who will fall in love with Liah, because Liah had saved him many times. In the end one Kind will remain..who do u think will it be? That is the tv program here in our country which i follow everyday.It is just like TWILIGHT.But still..twilight to me is number one.

Hope to meet the movie Stars in Twilight:)

to see them personally is enough;))

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