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  • I live in Romania
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is Blogger, Writer
  • I am Female

Love these characters!

Hello, guys! I'm Lavinyaa! I'm a 12-yrs old girl from Center of Europe, Romania!

Well, I know that I'm starting with the main thing, however here's my answer to the big question. As I answered the big question of The Vampire Diaries(Stefan or Damon? - Damon), I can answer at Jacob or Edward? question! My answer is Jacob. I love Taylor, I love Jake, and I've just realized that thought that I would love Jake to be with Bella, Edward was made for her. She was made for him! So, I will take Jacob, and Bella will take Edward. Fufufu..

My favorite characters: Starting with males

  1. Carlisle
  2. Jacob
  3. maybe Edward or Jasper
Carlisle 1 This user is on Team Carlisle.


  1. Reneesme
  2. Bella
  3. Rosalie

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and couples

  1. Jacob & Reneesme
  2. Edward & Bella
  3. Jacob & Bella

My opinion about SMeyer: She's a pure genius! I want to become a writer too. However, I didn't dreamed anything. And everything is harder, because I have to create everything! It's better to dream everything!

And, as I mentioned above, I love The Vampire Diaries too!

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