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  • I live in New York
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Student, the Denali coven's human pet.
  • I am une fille fatale.
Kelly Sullivan
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August 31, 1997 (1997-08-31) (age 18)

  • Kel
  • Gaga (sometimes)
  • Lavenda
  • Lav
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Chocolate brown

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  • High school student
  • Little Monster

My name is Kelly. My age, which is usually stated after one states their name, is off to the right over there. =>

While you're at it, why don't you visit another wonderful girl's page? Her username is TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt, but I sometimes call her Honey B (more for dramatic effect than anything). She and I are living proof that great minds think alike, one twin can be tall while the other is short, and members of Team Vampire and Team Werewolf can still be friends.

I'm on Team Twilight. I prefer everything the way Stephenie Meyer wrote it (even though her writing skills are quite lame, but I guess that's all I have to work with). In my opinion, what the author says, goes. Though, I would have changed that lame fight scene at the end of Breaking Dawn if I were Mrs. Meyer. Thank goodness they're fixing that mess in the movie version.

The denali coven

The gorgeous Denalis.

I prefer vampires over shape-shifters. I'm really not sure why. I suppose I've always been attracted to elegance and vampires are typically the epitome of elegance and intelligence. But in all honesty, I don't like Stephenie Meyer's version of vampires as much as I do other versions.

I prefer the lustrous and gorgeous Denali Coven over all others, for reasons that you'll find later in my profile. Though they would be a lot cooler if they weren't veggie vamps like those damned Cullens...

I hope my Monstrosity doesn't bother you. It tends to come out a lot. I can't really control it. My apologies.

P.S. If you're wondering what my username means (LavendaBrunette), it's a reference to the song So Happy I Could Die.

About my avatars

Typically (as it has been for 98% of the time ever since I joined this wiki), my icon will be of the gorgeous, multi-talented Devil of Pop: Lady Gaga. She is my idol in every aspect of the word and sometimes I think I love her more than life itself. But if there ever comes a time when my icon isn't of Gaga (*collective gasp*) it will most likely be of one of my other three idols in life—Britney Spears, Rihanna and Beyoncé—or of one (or many) of the actors who I love dearly.

My teams (which, if you were smart, you'd be on too)!

The denali coven This user is on Team Denali.
Movie cullens1 This user is on Team Cullen.
Crest-volturi This user is on Team Volturi.
PeopleMagJakeBike This user is on Team Jacob.
Rosalie 008-zugeschnitten This user is on Team Rosalie.
AliceCullenissopretty! This user is on Team Alice.
Eclipse-Promo-HQ-leah-clearwater-11945841-540-720 This user is on Team Leah.
Edward Cullen This user is on Team Edward.
0b85fc66-DF-00100R  This user is on Team Maria.
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Emmett1 This user is on Team Emmett.
JaneFull This user is on Team Jane.
CarmenCSG This user is on Team Carmen.
Katrina This user is on Team Kate.
IrinaDenalicsg This user is on Team Tanya.
Twilight-Saga-Breaking-Dawn -jewelry by Swarovski 2 This user is on Team Irina.
Eleazar (01) This user is on Team Eleazar.
PeopleMagJakeBike This user is on Team Jacob.

Fanfics that I will love for all of eternity

Waning Moon: Carlisle's Story by YborJen:

"The epic story of Carlisle Cullen began in 17th century England. Follow Carlisle through the Old and New world as he meets friends and enemies on his journey toward his destiny as an inspiration to vampires everywhere. Love is eternal, but life is not."
I swear to all that's holy, this could be a book. It's that fantastic. YborJen is not lying when she says Carlisle's story is an epic one. And by the way, for those who are extremely emotional, the end of this story isn't good for you. I'm not one to cry for anything but the end of this story had me bawling. Bawling.

The Life (and Death) of Edward Anthony Masen by javamomma0921

"Edward Masen is 17 in 1918. The first World War is raging and the Spanish Influenza is about to hit. What happens one night in October that changes Edward's destiny forever?"
This is the story of Edward's life before the events of the Twilight Saga, starting shortly before his human life ended. This story gives light to many of the reasons why Edward is the way he is in the Twilight books, but it still gives no excuse for his blatant abusive behavior towards Bella. Oh well, at least Eleazar's in it!

The First Time We Met by Devil's Only Child

"The first time Eleazar sees Carmen, she is watching the Volturi do what they do best. Curious, he follows her to a moonlit lake where they trade more than just names. Two vampires meet by chance and remain together forever. Ah, eternal love."
Have any of you ever wondered why I ship Eleazar and Carmen so much? Well, now you know why. This story is inaccurate at some points—for example, the fact that Eleazar leaves the Volturi only a day after he meets Carmen when SM said that Carmen lived with the Volturi for some time while Eleazar continued to serve them—but that really doesn't matter because this story is really cute and touching and I love it. Period. So read it and I think you'll love these awesome Spaniards just as much as I do.

Crescent Moon by brandinm05

"What if Jacob and the Quileute werewolves never showed up in the meadow that day to save Bella? What if Bella became a vampire and Edward wasn't the one to do it? Bella is turned and forced out of Forks, up North to the Denali clan. What happens next?"
I love this story, dear god. Again, this could be a book, if Mrs. Meyer ever decided to write an alternate ending to the Saga or something. I loved the in-depth look that we got at the Denalis and the end of this story made me cry (again, but don't blame me; one of my favorite characters dies!). Damn, now I'm seeming more emotional than I actually am...

Metamorphosis by Riniel o Imladris

"Pale lavender eyelids flicker, thick black lashes caress porcelain cheeks—and Bella opens her eyes... She is awake. She is all right. Edward's point of view in Breaking Dawn, beginning with Book Three."
That basically sums it up, I guess. It's worth the read. Seeing how our darling Eddie views things is actually kind of refreshing sometimes.

Cold One by Masked Spirit

"I sigh. 'When people think of you and Jane, they know you two will bring death in your paths. But when...' I have to force myself to say the last part. 'When people pictured me, I. Was. Death.'"
This story is still in-progress, so if you're not patient and can't stand waiting for updates, this isn't the story for you. Anyway, this story is about a vampire with the looks of a fifteen year old named Amelia Woodrow, who comes across Eleazar, who allows her to become a member of his family. Amelia has a dangerous gift that she and Eleazar decide to keep secret from everyone in the family (only Carmen knows that Amelia has a gift, but she doesn't know what it is). Read to find out what happens when the Volturi find out about Amelia's special little quirk, and Amelia becomes intregued by a certain Witch Twin...

Wiki quiz

  • Carmen & eleazar (08)
    Who's your favorite Twilight character?
    : Rosalie (sometimes), Emmett, Victoria, Leah, Seth, the Denalis, the Volturi.
  • What team are you on?: Team Denali.
  • What's your favorite Twilight movie?: Right now, Eclipse. I'm sure it'll change to Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as soon as that one comes out.
  • Second favorite Twilight movie?: New Moon.
  • Least favorite character: Caius.
  • Another team you are on right now: Team Vampires.
  • Your favorite Cullen: Uhm, Emmett.
  • Do you like your username?: Obviously.
  • What are you doing right now?: Watching Matilda.
  • When will you be REALLY angry on this Wiki?: When people say stupid and/or irrelevant things; that is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine. Also, when people judge other actors/characters by their looks only or say things like, "Ew, they're ugly," or, "You should like this person because they're hot!!1!" That annoys me to no end.
  • Users you love: Everyone (who isn't snarky or arrogant).

Explaining why my favorite characters are my favorites

A lot of red eyes

You'd be right if you say that I'm not really a normal Twihard. The most obvious reason is that I rarely fangirl over the main characters: Edward, Bella and Jacob, and I don't fangirl over their actors much either: Robert, Kristen and Taylor. If you're wondering why that is, I don't really know. Maybe I'm just tired of all the senseless fangirls whose lives revolve around those six people and I don't want to be clumped into the same group as them, but I don't know.

I do, however, really adore the more minor characters like the Denali coven or the Amazons or the less popular members of the Quileute tribe.

Let me explain the Denalis first. The main reason why I love them so much is because not too long ago I was part of a Twilight Saga roleplaying group out of total boredom and I played Carmen. I didn't really know much about her at first but she was the only character left to play so I decided to play her. So really, Carmen is the reason why I love the Denalis so much.

Then I got to find out more about the rest of the coven and decided that they oozed fierceness and badassery (it's a coven run by women. Honestly, what is more amazing than that?) so they all deserve my undying love. I started loving them even more after they were cast because I exploded with happiness (as in, screamed, ran around the house and spontaneously combusted) when I found out that Christian Camargo was cast as Eleazar. (If you ever plan on watching Dexter, there are spoilers for the first season ahead. Just skip the rest of this paragraph if you don't want it spoiled.) I loved him so much as the Ice Truck Killer in Dexter so I knew I'd love him in Breaking Dawn too. (Side note: Brian was such a dark and twisted [but still strangely endearing] character; I wonder what it'll be like seeing Christian go from a cold and calculating character to a sweet and gentle one…?)

The same goes for the Amazon coven; through my roleplay group I found out more about the Amazons and thought, "Wow, these girls are awesome." They deserve my undying love too so I give it to them.

I don't know what it is about minor characters that attracts me so much. I guess the fact that we know so little about their pasts makes them more mysterious and lets us use our imaginations to give them our own version of their backstories. But if I love them (and trust me, I'm a very critical person), you should probably love them too. Just saying.


What's your name? Kelly.

Gender? Female.

Age? Fifteen.

Height? The comfortable, pixie height of 5'2".

Weight? Right now? About 90-95 pounds. And no, I'm not anorexic; just small.

Hair color? Brunette.

Eye color? Chocolate brown.

What are you doing right now? Tumblr, Twitter and this all at the same time.

Who's next to you right now? Two pillows and a Christmas tree (yes, I did this over the holidays).

Do you have an imaginary friend? No.

Do you want an imaginary friend? I don't need one.

Are you lying to me? Why should I lie?

Turn on your TV. What's on? Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys.

Who's your crush? There are too many for me to name (I get crushes on celebrities all the time). I suppose I'll just say that I have crushes on guys with interestingly attractive faces and nice personalities. (Personality comes first, though. Always.)

What was the last thing you ate? A cinnamon and raisin English muffin with cream cheese.

What were you doing at 6:45 this morning? Sleeping.

What was the last thing you yelled? "OH MY GOD, SHE GUESSED IT!!!"

Do you have a job? Professional feminist…?

Do you have a car? Tragically, no.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? New York City. But I do live an hour away so that's the next best thing.

Do you believe in magic? YES. I'm still waiting on my letter from Hogwarts…

Have you ever fallen down a flight of stairs? Yes.

More than once? Yes.

What did you do when you got to the bottom? Moaned in pure agony and took a warm bath to ease the pain of my multiple bruises.

Zodiac? Virgo.

Astrological sign? Um, still Virgo.

Type your name with your feet. No.

Was that fun? No.

Run around the house. How do you feel? Too lazy to run. Sorry.

Do you own a credit card? Nope.

Do you like to shop? Yes.

What's the last thing you bought? Three tops from Forever 21.

Who's your crush? I already answered this, stupid.

Favorite animal? SLOTHS.

Favorite fruit? Watermellon.

Quick! You have to save the world! *runs away screaming*

Someone has a knife to your back. *kicks them in the balls*

Do you swear? All the f**king time, you stupid motherf**ker. (I hate the fact that I had to censor that. Why can't we kick all the little kids out of the wiki?)

What is open on your computer? Just this and iTunes (I'm listening to Inside Out by Britney Spears on repeat).

Do you sleep talk? I hope not.

What's the weirdest dream you've ever had? I once had a dream that I was saving Lady Gaga from the Ice Truck Killer. I don't care how handsome/charming he is; I kicked his ass. NO ONE HURTS MY BABY.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever googled? "Why does it hurt to get kicked in the balls?" (I mean, obviously, it hurts because you're getting kicked, but why is the pain so excessively, dramatically intense?)

Things I say a lot.

  • __________, tbh.
  • That is the true tea.
  • Badassery.
  • Awesomesauce.
  • Amazeballs.
  • D'awww or n'awww or just awwww.
  • Gaga.
  • Fierce.
  • Any form of sarcasm and/or wit.
  • I like your face.
  • That's attractive. (Read that with a sarcastic voice.)
  • Hola. (You have Eleazar to thank for that.)
  • __________. Period.
  • Anything relevant or completely accurate.
  • Oh yes.
  • Any form of keyboard smashing to display fangirling.

Favorites, I guess

~ romantic comedy - I hate romantic comedies tbh.

~ national park - Never been to one.

~ type of weather - Warm. Not too hot and not too cold.

~ comic book as a kid - I don't read comics, but I will say that my favorite comic book character is Catwoman.

~ foreign accent - Spanish.

~ winter olympic sport - Ice skating, snowboarding and speed skating.

~ part of your love interest's body - I don't have a love interest.

~ poet - I don't read much poetry but I've always loved Edgar Allan Poe.

~ halloween costume that you've worn - Harajuku Girl. But that's going to change when I dress up as Lady Gaga.

~ breakfast cereal - Frosted Flakes.

~ political figure - Barack Obama. He cares about human rights so I care about him.

~ magazine/periodical - Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

~ toy from childhood - Barbie dolls. Those bitches are still a big part of my life today, actually…

~ tattoo that you have - Too young to get one.

~ pie - Apple pie.

~ old article of clothing - My various scarves. (Oh, the irony.)

~ day of the year - Whichever day the last day of school is.

~ genre of music - I like a lot of genres. Pop, dance, electronic, dubstep, R&B, punk, etc.

~ sports hero - Gabby Douglas.

~ flower - Rose.

~ mixed drink - I don't drink alcohol.

~ movie musical - The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

~ vegetable - None. Ugh.

~ screen kiss - Peter/Mary Jane in Spiderman.

~ tribe - Quileute tbh.

~ place to buy clothes - Forever 21.

~ religion/belief system - Catholic. But I'm more of a detached Catholic.

~ curse word or phrase to say - Me picking my favorite curse word is like a mother picking her favorite child. I love all my babies.

~ unnecessary gadget of yours - Nothing is unnecessary.

~ musical 'genius' - Lady Gaga.

~ schoolyard game from childhood - Kill the Carrier.

~ bar - Chocolate.

~ 'battle scene' from a movie - The Bride vs. the Crazy 88 in Kill Bill.

~ music to get your groove on - Hip-hop.

~ drug (illegal) - I may be a bad kid but I'm not that bad.

~ thing about your family - Is it sad that I can't think of anything to put here?

~ way to travel - Bike.

~ cause - Because I said so.

~ candy bar - Kit Kat.

~ sex position - Everything in the Kama Sutra.

~ thing about your work - That I don't have one.

~ restaurant you frequent regularly - Three Boys From Italy.

~ local park - Central Park.

~ café - Starbucks and/or Panera Bread.

~ subject/class from high school - Fashion design and photography.

~ horror film - The Shining. It scared the living shit out of me.

~ photo of yourself (describe) - The photo I took after I got my new haircut.

~ sport to play - Volleyball.

~ musical instrument - Synthesizer.

~ band to see live - I've never seen any bands live, but I definitely want to see No Doubt when they tour again.

~ video game - Mario Kart. You'd best believe I kick ass at that game.

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