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  • I live in Twilightland,Twitterland,Facebookworld.K-Stew's Dreams.
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is ♥Krisbian ♥Lautie ♥Kristay ♥Selenator ♥Lovatic.
  • I am your most wierd friend.
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{{Vampire_infobox||name = Samara
|born = April 27,1999
|turned = May 23,2011
|creator = [[Kristen Stewart]] aka [[Bella Swan]]
|died = I never Knew I did.
Did I?
|alias = *Sam
|species = [[Vampire]]
|gender = Female
|height = 5'2
|hair = Blonde
|eyes = Auburn
|skin = Pale
|family = *[[Olympic Coven]]
*[[Black Pack]]
*[[Denali Coven]]
*[[Clearwater family]]
|abilities = *Manupulating Powers
*Vampiric Powers
*Werewolves Strength
*Emotion Manipulation
|special = Everything's Special about me!
|loyalty = [[Olympic Coven]]||job = Im Born Jobless.|Black|image = [[File:224431 236807829683346 235362433161219 760888 2140319 a.jpg|250 px]]|hidea = }}''''' I have an Unhealthy Obsession with that chick of LA and her Hot English boyfriend.Hate them? Bitch you better Fucking run!''''' Hey! Im Samara.You can Call me Krashley,Krash,Sam,or whatever.But I must tell you something about me.Im so wierd and so very selfish! I mean to say that firstly when I joined this Wikia,I was Team Robert.Then afterwards I switched to Team [[Taylor Lautner|Lautner]] .And now Im again Team[[Taylor Lautner| ]][[Robert Pattinson]] .But in the whole I'v now been a 'Krisbian' Team[[Kristen Stewart| Stewart]] forever!! And now when Im a Krisbian I feel that Kristen Makes a better couple with Robert ;D THAT'S HOW I'M WIERD ;P
==Twilight Series==
Okay! Twi-Series takes most of my burden cuz it gains a lot of importance in my life.I Can't imagine my world without Twilight.Im really thankful to [[Stephenie Meyer]] for her awesome Novel.OMG in one word i can tell im a "Twi-Addict".My Fav.books are[[ Twilight]] ,[[New Moon]] ,[[Eclipse]] ,[[Breaking Dawn ]] (LMAO,ALL) and Movies is [[Eclipse]] .I would also like[[ Breaking Dawn]] if I'd hav watched it.I used to like The Cullens earlier but not now..cuz i came to know that im was absolutely Wrong..Werewolves Rock to the Core.My Story Behind liking [[Twilight Series]] (Whole Credit Goes to my Frnz)---I wasn't Aware Of[[ Twilight]] Before until I Met My Bestie,She used to read all the Twi-novels and what i used to do was is just poke and disturb her(one of my habits)and she used to convince me 'bout that novel.Then once i thought why not just read the Summary of Twilight,and i found it being really Interesting.From that day on i bought i novels and spent most of my time reading it.It also became my Best Pastime[[File:Tumblr_ly1ugtTvrb1qhgjyjo1_500.gif|thumb|left|272px|♡ That Kills me to Hell ♡]]As time passed i saw [[Edward Cullen]] and then what,i was in love with Edward. but one second that was the starting of "My Being a Twi-Addict".I simply used to hate Taylor Lautner at that time,but...but now i always say'F*** man..Taylor Lautner's sooo Damn Hot'.From that day on Im TEAM [[JACOB BLACK|JACOB]]! But in the Whole [[Kristen Stewart]] Rocks to the Core! Krisbian Forever!!!!
==Teams ==
=={{Template:Team Edward}}{{Template:Team|Bella}}{{Template:Team jacob}}{{Template:Team|Renesmee}}{{Template:Team|Wolf Pack}}{{Template:Team|Denali}}{{Template:Team|Volturi}}{{Template:Team|Cullen}}{{Template:Team|Tyler's Van}}{{Template:Teams|Alice}}{{Template:Team|Jasper}}{{Template:Team|Rosalie}}{{Template:Team|Emmett}}{{Template:Team|Carlisle}}{{Template:Team|Esme}}{{Template:Team|Seth}}{{Template:Team|Leah}}{{Template:Team|Billy}}{{Template:Team|Charlie}}{{Template:Team|Victoria}}{{Template:Team|Maria}}{{Template:Team|Jane}}{{Template:Team|Neutral}}{{Template:Team|Everyone}}{{Template:Team|Switzerland}} ==
==Favourite Twi-Characters==
[[File:379654_315112081849486_285240848169943_1174644_1566366353_n.jpg|thumb]]Okay! So here goes the list of my favourite Twilight Characters...
*[[Bella Swan]]
*[[Edward Cullen]]
*[[Bella Cullen]]
*[[Jacob Black]]
*[[Renesmee Cullen]]
*[[Alice Cullen]]
*[[Jasper Hale]]
*[[Rosalie Hale]]
*[[Emmett Cullen]]
*[[Esme Cullen]]
*[[Carlisle Cullen]]
*[[Seth Clearwater]]
*[[Leah Clearwater]]
*[[Embry Call]]
*[[File:12458_Robert-Pattinson-should-be-illegal.jpg|thumb]][[Billy Black]]
==Favourite TV Serials==
*Vampire Diaries
*[[File:Kristen-stewart-entertainment-weekly-outtakes4.jpg|thumb|172px]]Life Unexpected
*Good Luck Charlie
*Zeke & Luther
*Wizards Of Waverly Place
*The Suite Life On Deck
*That's so Raven
==Other Crushes==
*[[File:389413_10150462470825110_200914235109_10700578_1905956473_n.jpg|thumb]]Enrique Iglesias
*Selena Gomez
*Katy Perry
*Taylor Swift
*Demi Lovato
==Hobbies ==
*Getting on Facebook,Twitter,Wikia
*Listening Songs (Especially of the Few Mentioned Above)
*Playing my Guitar & Keyboard
*Reading Novels
*Arguing with my Cousins (LoL)
*Painting (Im Best in)
*Chatting (With my Bestie,like one I know 'K')
Okay! So this is the only Topic I Love Talking about.MUSIC,SONGS...Gosh Im Damn In Love With it,LMAO! My Favourite Songs and their Singers are...
*<u>Gym Class Heroes</u> '''Stereo Hearts'''
*<u>Pitbull</u> '''Rain Over Me'''
*<u>Katy Perry</u> '''Firework'''
*<u>Ke$ha</u> '''Tik-Tok '''& '''Your Love is my Drug'''
*<u>Taylor Swift</u> '''U Belong With me''' & '''Love Story'''
*<u>Enrique Iglesias</u> '''Hero '''& '''Escape'''
*<u>Demi Lovato</u> '''Remember December''' & '''La La Land'''
*<u>Selena Gomez</u>''' Who Says''', '''Tell Me Something I Don't Know''', '''Round and Round''', '''Naturally''', '''Love You Like a Love Song''','''A Year Without Rain''','''My Dilemma''','''Bang Bang Bang''' & '''Hit The Lights'''
=='''​'''Friends in this Wiki==
*[[User:Team-jacob girl|Team-jacob girl]]
*[[User:Green Fairy|Green Fairy]]
*[[User:May Day Girl|May Day Girl]]
*[[User:Lilly Cullen|Lilly Cullen]]
==Choose one ==
[[File:Taylor-Lautner-Kristen-Stewart-And-Robert-Pattinson-Entertainment-Weekly-HQ-Outtake-2009-kristen-stewart-and-taylor-lautner-15598282-560-840.jpg|thumb|172px]]'''Black Pack or Olympic Coven? '''Black Pack
'''Olympic Coven or Denali Coven?''' Denali Coven
'''Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner? '''Taylor Lautner
'''Chocolate or Ice-Cream?''' Chocolate[[File:Gallery_main-kristen-stewart-taylor-lautner-new-moon-knoxville-photos-11182009-02.jpg|thumb|174px]][[File:Pop.jpg|thumb|182px]][[File:Original.jpg|thumb|180px]]
'''Caramel or Hazelnut? '''Hazelnut
'''Ferrero Rocher or Galxy Minis? '''Galaxy Minis
'''Ashley Greene or Kristen Stewart?''' Kristen Stewart
'''Ke$ha or Katy Perry? '''Katy Perry
'''Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato?''' Hey! That's Really...OKAY Its,Selena Gomez!
'''Pitbull or Enrique Iglesias? '''Enrique Iglesias
'''Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus? '''SUCKERS NONE!
'''Friends or Family?''' Uhhh...IDK
'''Facebook or Twitter?''' Facebook
'''Wikia or Twitter?''' Wikia
'''Post or Tweet?''' Tweet
'''Internet or Television?''' NET
'''Twilight or Harry Potter?''' Twilight..obviously
'''Movies or TV Shows?''' Umm...Both,Mostly TV Shows
'''Purple or Pink?''' Purple
'''Story Books or Novels?''' Dude..Novels,Im quite Grown up.
'''Internet or Phone?''' Difficult..Surfing Net on Phone,LOL
'''Singers or Bands?''' Singers
'''Watch or Bracelet?''' Watch[[File:Kristen-stewart-taylor-lautner-twilight-de-80911448.jpg|thumb|189px|Dont make fun of me!]]
'''Clips or Hair Ribbons?''' Clips,lol
'''Mum or Dad?''' Dad ;-)
'''Jeans or Skirts?''' Jeans
'''Blazers or Jackets?''' Jackets
'''Hot or Smart?''' Smart
'''X-Box or PS3? '''PS3
'''Tablet or PSP? '''Tablet
'''Sports or Fashion Shows?''' Sports
'''Lionel Messi or Cristiano Roanaldo?''' Too Tough!
'''School or Home?''' Kinda weird,but..School
'''Uploading Pics or Downloading Pics? ''' LOL,Uploading Pics
'''Love or Friendship?''' What An Idiotic Question!
==Guy Side vs. Girl Side==
Okay! So i saw This Stuff in many of my Frnzz Profile & I[[File:Eclipsex-large.jpg|thumb|174px]][[File:Kristen-Stewart-Taylor-Lautner-Robert-Pattinson-EW-photos-taylor-lautner-9024212-300-400.jpg|thumb|186px]] thought to try it.
*You Love Hoodies (Yes)
*You Love Jeans (Yess!)
*Dogs are Better than Cats (Yup!)
*It's Hilarious when people get Hurt (Yeah)
*You've Played With or Against Boyz on a Team (Always!!)
*Shopping is a Torture (Definetly :P)
*Sad Movies Suck (Mostly.)
*You Owned an X-Box (Yeh,Recently)
*Played with Hotwheel car as a kid (Yup..Yup)
*At some Point in time,You want to be a Firefighter (Nah,Neva..)
*You Owned a DS,PS2 or Sega (No)
*You used to be Obessed with Power Rangers (Yea,Sometimes)
*You Watch Sports on T.V (Yes,Football & Cricket!)
*Gory Movies are Cool (Nope,For me)
*You go to your Dad for Advice (Mostly!)
*You Owned like a Trillion Baseball Caps (LOL! Never!)
*You like going to Highschool Football games (Yeah! Inspiration.)
*You used to collect Footbal/Baseball cards (No)
*Baggy Pants are cool to wear (Yesss!)
*You love to go Crazy Without Caring of anyone (Yup!!)
*Sports are fun (Yup! Always!)
*Talk with Food in your mouth (Yea!)
*Green,Black,Blue or Silver are one of Your Favourite Colour (No)[[File:Robert-kristen-taylor-EW-Outtakes-twilight-series.jpg|thumb|186px]]
*Sleep With Socks at Night (No,They Stink)
*You Wear Lip Gloss/ Chapstick (No.)
*You Wear Eyeliner (Noooo.)
*You Wear the colour Pink (Yea)
*Go to your Mom for Advice (Sometimes..)
*You Consider Cheerleading a Sport (No)
*You Hate wearing the colour Black (No,It's Pretty Good)
*You Like Hanging out in the Mall (Maybe,sometimes)
*You Like Getting Manicures/Pedicures (Yukk..yuk)
*You Like wearing jwelery (Never,They SUCK!)
*Skirts are a Big part of Your Wardrobe (No! I Guess)
*Shopping is one of your Favourite Hobbies (Nope!)
*You Were in Gymnastic/Dance (Yea,Once in Dance,Creepy!)
*It takes you aroung one or more Hour to shower,Get dressed and make up (No,Not yet)
*You Smile a lot more than you Should (Umm...I Prefer Laughing than smiling "LOL" :D)
*You have more than 10 Pairs of shoes (Yeah!)
*You care about How you look (Yup!)
*You like wearing body Spray/Perfume (Yesss!)
*You love movies (Few..So-So)
*Used to Play with dolls as a kid (Yeah,OVIO)
*Like Putting Make-up on someone as a joke (No,There are many other Stuffs)
*Like Being a star of everything (Yes!!!)
==Picture Gallery==
<gallery captiontextcolor="#27bb0a" bordercolor="#d63429" bordersize="small" spacing="large" captionalign="center" captionposition="below" captionsize="medium" columns="3" orientation="portrait" widths="170" position="center">
Kristen-Stewart-Taylor-Lautner-kristen-stewart-and-taylor-lautner-19203491-320-480.jpg|We look Awesome together!
kristen-stewart-taylor-lautner-ew-outtake.jpg| are Heavy!
Taylor-Lautner-Kristen-Stewart.jpg|My arms will act as a bed for you! LOL.
werewolf badge.jpg
Kristen-stewart-entertainment-weekly-outtakes a.jpg
Jacob black-13947.jpg
lautner-headshot.jpg|Whew...that's really wierd!
326944_137131526393643_123550087751787_151642_1136865468_o.jpg|Look into my eyes.......What do you see?!!
oioi.jpg|Abduction Premiere.
269705_206108206106421_122210214496221_652133_1681520_n.jpg|Jake Wins! Yay!
395928_284158478301393_122210214496221_917983_2001637040_n.jpg|Aww...KS is truly cutee!
320794_114509451986702_100259740078340_75100_1426103249_n.jpg|I Love you,Jake!
41242.jpg|Xoxo! I can Play <3
96_kristen_stewartlarge_image-1.jpg|Glamour Queen!
[[User:Krashley|<span style="color:#7A3CA7;"><font face="Mistral"><font size="68">Krashley</font></font></span>]][[User talk:Krashley|<sup><font size="1">♥talk page♥</font></sup>]] 18:12, December 16, 2011 (UTC)
==The Adorable KRISTEN STEWART!==
[[File:Tumblr_lxzqnzhCZe1qf8wj4o1_250.gif|frame|She's the Chick of LA ;)]][[File:Tumblr_lxzqnzhCZe1qf8wj4o2_250.gif|frame|Smile Please..]]
[[File:Tumblr_lxcftvA0y31qjk8b9o1_500.gif|frame|That's the only way she walks ;)]]
[[File:Tumblr_lw180qGEwQ1qcezh0o1_500.gif|frame|Yeah! I can sing ;)]][[File:Tumblr_lwxzvyw7e21r3h4ef.gif|frame|<3]]
Okay! So,it won't ever matter with me,if you ever call me 'Lesbian of Stewart'! I am a 'Krisbian' anyway.She is pretty,charming,adorable,and all,and all which can't be described in words.On 9th April 1990 God thought to give the Earth some beauty so he made Kristen Stewart,'The Perfectly Aforable one'! And Im so dumb that I came to know about this beauty on January 1,2012. Arghh...but still,2012 has been an Awesome year for me.Kristen's my turning page to my made Heaven. Infact,she herself is my heaven and everything.She owns me and lies within me.My body parts shouts for her.My oesophagus,wind pipe,heart,soul,lungs and everything is speacillay made for her! She has become the centre of my Fucking world.She's my role model,inspiration and my Muse! Forever defending that "CHICK OF L.A"! So be healthy and Fuck Everyone ;)
[[File:Tumblr_lxtuyjue3c1qmwtgo.gif|frame|You are yourself and we love you!]][[File:Tumblr_lxuosvHsBI1qciah5o1_500.gif|frame|Unhealthy Obssision.]][[File:Tumblr_lu4eltn2HW1qcezh0o1_r3_500.gif|frame|LMAO =D]]

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