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Me as a human

==About me== Template:Infobox character I call Jacob Black dog a lot. I was changed in 1918,like Edward,during the Spanish Influenza,by Carlisle.I had startling green eyes and long,curly red hair. I am closer to Emmett, Rosalie and Edward than to Jasper and Alice,but I love them all like my brothers and sisters.I am permenently 14.
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(I hate Bella, so I am Team Tyler's Van.She is so wrong for him.)
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Victoria twilight

I helped Edward kill Victoria

My favorite pages== *Edit

Emmett Cullen * Rosalie Hale * Alice Cullen * Jasper Hale * Edward Cullen * Esme Cullen * Carlisle Cullen * VampiresEdit

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A- Alice Cullen B- Bella Swan        Edit

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