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{{Vampire infobox
|image =
|name = Jefferey
|born = May 14,1983
|died = never
|species = [[Vampire]]
|gender = Male
|height = 5'4
|hair = Dark Brown/Golden Brown
|eyes = *Green(as human)
*Blood Red(Newborn vampire)
*Golden honey
*Black (when thirsty)
|skin = Pale
|family = *[[Bree Tanner]] (Creator)
*2 brothers;deceased
*LunaBella(coven Mate)
*Kmanwing(coven mate)
|abilities = Basic vampiric powers;Manipulates Sunlight
|special =
*Sunlight Manipulation
|job = Student,Vampire
|loyalty = *[[Olympic Coven]]
*[[Denali Coven]]
*Florida Vampire Community
*Seattle Newborn Army
About me
One day I was terrified and then felt burning pain and major throbbing in my head,I saw a Beutiful Girl named "Bree" Saving me from a near-Death experiance. Then I saw a Light and woke up into A new life,
As if i was reborn but Everything felt clear and Enhanced when I saw my Reflection,My eyes were Blood red and I was Pale,and My throat was Burning in thirst,but everything felt so easy...Bree Told me what I had Become and I supprisingly believed her,so on my first hunt with Bree and another Vampire named "Diego", we sprinted across fields in less than a few seconds,I never felt so Quick,and SO
Strong,I cold feel my cold, rock-hard skin and my Immortality,and suddenly i heard a Pulse...
I smelled a vibrant citrus scent and could'nt help but to trace down the scent and track
down the mesmorizing smell and could'nt bare to bite the human and drain them of blood...
Suddenly, Bree said, "Oh,My god! The Sun is rising! Diego we must Get the Heck outta her!"
Suddenly I felt a Burning Desire to mive the gland of light away from us.
Before I kne it,the gland was miles away from us and the sun was hiding behind a clod.
Bree and Diego were in shock...There mouthes were wide in,and bree said,"You Just moved the gland of Sunlight miles away!"
"I think he Is gifted with an Ability to Manipulate Sunlight...".
{{Achievement|100px|Twilight_vampireawaken_100x75.jpg|Awaken<br/>25 edits}}<br />{{Achievement|75px|Twilight_redribbon_75x75.jpg|Beautiful User Page}}{{Achievement|100px|Twilight_vampireplayball_100x75.jpg|Play Ball<br/>100 edits}}
{{Achievement|75px|Twilight_redribbon_75x75.jpg|Beautiful User Page}}
{{Achievement|100px|Twilight_vampireawaken_100x75.jpg|Awaken<br/>25 edits}}<br />{{Achievement|100px|Twilight_vampireplayball_100x75.jpg|Play Ball<br/>100 edits}}

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