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Bella and Edward are married.


[[Category:10 things you can not imagine life without them is Robert patinsonis. 1) Edward Calais - heroes robertisa for this irreplaceable, this is what he says: "Edward's character is interesting ... amazing irony of fate Road 109-year-old man in a young man's body" 2) Roberts is an inseparable part of his life for a dog. "The emotional connection I have with my puppy, we are in harmony with each other and feel" 3) It seems like the actress for Kristen steward is very important: "Oh, I do not know what to say, kristeni perfect when I met him, I realized that the talented msakhiobitsaa, I was amazed at her game in the film Into the Wild." 4) As everyone Roberts could not imagine life without water, but the water is only for drinking but not for Pattinson, who uses a style gasaketeblada ... 5) Robert disa and his cousin could not live - without my cousin. "As a child, the girl's dresses and Claudio matsmevdnen medzakhdnen" - said Pattinson. 6) career, one more thing, it would be hard to imagine life without them is Robert. "Sometimes, saying, O how mombezrda this movie, but after tsarmovidgen how to store vegetables so far, and I think that my life is not so bad" 7) for the defense, as Robert says, the street itself is unprotected, without guards, because he was a threat to his many fans. 8) as well as for all people, robisatvisa the money the most important thing: "I was ten years old, when for the first time to make money, at the age of 15 without a job I could. Cash confidence mmatebs " 9) Robbie thinks that it is his Hair Stylists, without simply can not survive: "When shopping alone I went, one of the most fashionable and extraordinary clothes, which manekenebs I had, but when I chavitsvi they are real idiots resemble, that's why I think that the clothes only stylist to select " 10) And finally, I can not imagine life without Roberts kiss: "Kiss - This unusual way of relationship with a person, when words are not enough"]]

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