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December 2, 2010
  • I live in Rochester, New York
  • I was born on August 13
  • My occupation is Done with College (:
  • I am Female

WeLcOmE To MaRiAnA PaGe xD My Name Is Mariana I Am 16 Years Old From Masen High School! YeS There Is A School Called That! Anyway I Had One Sister Who Wanted To Focus On Her Honors! We Love Each Other! Anyway! I Love The Vampire Diaries Too! So Be Sure To Find To Me! All About Us Power Of Awesomeness!!! :D Team Damon Shhhhhh... Don't tell Edward!

You Guys Search My Besties: PaulWesleyIsMine(: and VamprieAngel

I always loved twilight and i always will i love edward but i can still admire jacob! anyway i have the books at home but i am TOO lazy to even read them[: my fav actor is all time Robert Pattinson [: I Love him O_O don't yell at me saying that No taylor is better.. don't say that and it doesn't matter who's better.

I also love the vampire diaries that's my fav show evera! i am on team damon cause Stefan went REALLY REALLY darker and broke elena's heart.. i have the books as well but i like i said b4 i am TOO lazyy! anyway check out my besties pages' they won't hurt you![: unless u make them too anyway i love the story line. (delena)

Wanna be my friend? yea i love to be your friend but if you make me mad then there's a problem(: (JK) if you have problems like my enemy AliceCullen200000 thinks that she is cool which she is not!

Want to chat with me? sure i love to chat with users and i like if u want to talk to me about how's life or something that you like to share (not secrets) unless you are my best friend you can

Anyway My New Stepsister User VamprieAngel she is my new stepsister and i love her as my sister so much and they reason why we are stepsisters cause my mom got married to her dad(: so me and her were so happyyyyyyyy! (: i won't leave my other bestie out(:

My other bestie PaulWesleyIsMine(: is awesome too she makes me and Carly laugh our asses off(: and she acts like a "Russian Terrissot which she is Not" don't call the cops(: anyway...... u guys can search for her too like i said about VamprieAngel she won't bite she will if you cause her trouble(: things will never be the same..

I also like Paul Wesley and Ian Somehalder too! don't yell at me if they ugly :X they not ugly they are both smoking hot! and perfect for Stefan Salvatore(: and Damon Salvatore(: anyway..... yea they are my 2nd fav actors(: i had a dream one time i will meet them it came true when i was at New York i saw them! i was freaking out! i told Carly too she started to freak out too!!! (: (: (:

Mom: VamprieAngel

Younger Sister: PaulWesleyIsMine(:

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