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Hello :)

I am Henzzy, I am a fan of the Twilight movies a books (even though I've only read the first 2).  I like Alice the most because she is unique like me :)

My favourite charachters

  1. Alice Cullen
  2. Bella Swan
  3. Edward Cullen
  4. Jasper Hale
  5. Carlisle Cullen
  6. Renesmee Cullen
  7. Charlie Swan
  8. Esme Cullen
  9. Mike Newton
  10. Benjamin

My least favourite charachters

  1. Jacob Black
  2. Irina
  3. Jane
  4. James
  5. Alec
  6. Aro
  7. Victoria Sutherland
  8. Caius
  9. Marcus
  10. Riley Biers

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