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Hey I'm Hanna, yadayadayada. I'm twilight obsessed. In a way, Not that I like Bella and Edward because I don'r.

My favourite characters:

1.Leah/Rosalie (can't decide they're both awesome)


3.Jacob(no I'm not in love with him)



6. Victoria




Twilight saga books Best-worst in MY opinion

1.ECLIPSE~ It's just epic.

2.New Moon~ We learn about the awesome kick ass wolf pack and the volturi

3.Bree Tanner~ I don't like her much but I like the whole idea of newborn armies.

4.Twilight~ If there was more Jacob it could be better. But we learn about Victoria and her coven.

5.Breaking Dawn~Sorry I did not like it. Jacob imprinted,Bella gets everything,there's no final battle,Ruh-NEZ-may is born and Bella's not even a vicious newborn! Damn I was dissappointed.

Things I wish happened in the saga (in no particular order)

1.Jacob/Leah getting together~ they're damn great together but imprinting screws up everything

2.Bella's death~Just because she's the main character doesn't make her immune to every thing.

3.Edward's death~he's just one of those annoying characters I hate. He's so annoying but he's better then Bella I guess.

4.Ruh-NEZ-may's death~I know what you're thinking "why do you wwant all the main characters to die?" Well I want Jacob to stay alive. Bella,Edward and Ruh-NEZ-may annoy me so much.

5.Epic final battle Cullens vs. Volturi~ With the volturi coming out on top of course. But Spare Rosalie and Jasper for me. they're awesome.

6.Leah's happy ending~ If anyone deserves a happy ending,it's her. SM left us in the dark there.

7.Embry discovering his father~ I've always wanted to know the answer to that question.

8.Bella to lose everything~ Yeah you must be thinking that I really hate Bella. I do. She made all these ridiculous choices and gets everything. That's not logical. Karma needs to come back around to haunt her.

9.The volturi Getting their own book. They need some more character development. Thank goodness for fanfiction.

10.The volturi forming a rock band~ Hale yeah. I just love that idea. the girls get red streaks in their hair and they all wear black leather and play flying V guitars. I need to write a fanfiction on this.

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