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Example of a fic

Part of a fanfiction.


Fanfiction is a form of writing where one writes about an already made piece of fiction, whether it be a show, book, movie etc. Fanfiction is often shortened to fanfic, or sometimes just fic.

Twilight fanficsEdit

Twilight fanfictions are populur, with them usually citing around Edward and Bella (often shortened to B/E fics) and some of the other main couples. Self-insertions (inserting yourself into the fic) and Renessme/ Jacob (R/J) fics are also common.

Sites for fanfictionEdit

FF.netis easilly the most famous one with a huge selection to read. One can find a fic about anything they want on there however, many try to sneak in pices of writing that are not sutible for the site and as there are no restrictions on posting fics, many that are not of readable quality yet.

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