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Hey, I'm Taylor. I'm Aussie.
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I really don't have that much to say about myself, because I don't know who I am, (God, that sounds freaking indie or emo or whatever), I'm just not set in stone.

I could lie and say "Oh my god, the Twilight Saga is my life! Edward and Jacob! Pweh! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!" But I'm not going to. I'm going to give it to you like it is. I am not a Twi-hard. I do, however, love the actors and the books were rather lovely, sometimes.

I started off as a Twi-hard, I began reading the books early 2008 and I was so enchanted by the love story, by Edward. I watched the movie December, 2008, and was sadly disappointed. I feel it did not live up to the books, nor have New Moon or Eclipse. Breaking Dawn: Part 1, however, stuck to the book amazingly, I feel. It wasn't the best book of the series but so far it is definitely the best movie.

I guess you could say I was Team Edward (although, I hate the whole 'Teams' thing. It just seems idiotic to me), and so when he left in New Moon (Oh my god! Spoiler! LOL) I thought the rest of the book was going to be boring. But then Jacob came along. (YAY!) and I slowly began to like him more and more until I was in love with his character and wanted Bella to be with him.

Which brings me to proving that I loved Jacob BEFORE Taylor Lautner grew abs and such. I loved his character and personality and then when the movie came around, sure I thought Taylor was attractive (but I love Rob more. I mean, he's British! Come on! British guys are sexy) and he portrayed Jacob quite well, which still made me 'Team Jacob' in the movies. I just hate girls who loved him only after he got the six pack, in the movies. *Rolls eyes*

Eclipse is my favourite out of the series. I mean, the sexual tension, the fighting, the Jacob/Bella kiss (which was kind of awkward in the movies, still kinda hot, but awkward because I see Taylor and Kristen as more brotherly/sisterly and I love Rob and Kristen, as the 'unofficial' couple they are. If people don't think they're together by now, they're stupid. We don't need conformation, we can just see it. Believe what you wanna believe).

Breaking Dawn was...interesting. Annoying fade out sex scenes (Come on SM, you cockblocker!) and I think Renesmee and Jacob are the weirdest coupling, but I love them anyway. It annoys the heck out of me when people say Jacob is a pedophile for imprinting on her, when obviously they don't understand the concept of imprinting and probably haven't read the books. It makes me want to slam the book in their face and yell "READ IT, GOD DAMMIT!". However, I do not like how Stephanie Meyer made him imprint. Jacob hated the concept of imprinting and then he does on something he thought he hated. There's parts of imprinting I don't like, like how the wolves have no choice, how they have to follow the imprintee around like a little puppy (pun intended :P) and do as they say even if they may not want to. I just hope Renesmee treats Jacob well in the future.

I love Kristen Stewart, I think she's f*cking legendary. I don't care what people say, she's awesome.

Rob is adorkable and sexy and I wish I knew him in real life.

Taylor seems like a really cool guy, plus he shares my name so what's not to love about him. I mean, come on, all Taylors are awesome. :P

So anyway, here I am now joining a Twi-wiki page because it looked rather interesting and I just kind of explained my 'Twi-development' in this About Me. You guys are probably running for the hills and think I'm a crazy person and a bitch, but whatevs, I still love you. Peace out mofos.

Favourite Characters


I just wish she'd have chosen him. The better option.

1. Jacob Black

Firstly, I don't care what people say about him being smelly (like, seriously?) and what not. He is a friendly guy, he is the closest thing I think the series gets to normal. Even the high-school kids are boring, but he's normal and interesting. Yes, he is a shape-shifter, but whatever. I love the relationship him and Bella share, the way he protects her and his desperation to be with her almost makes me sad because he could've done much better. (No offence to any Bella lovers). I've written a blog about his imprinting on Nessie, so before you bitch about that, read it.

2. Rosalie Hale

She's just awesome, man. She's a bitch, but I like when people are bitches sometimes. Plus, she has a good reason to be a 'bitch'. I like how she reveals her past and then the fact that she's found Emmett to help her recover from her sadness which that past brought on. She hasn't recovered completely, but they're good together. I think it's sad how her human life was taken away from her though.


These two :)

3. Emmett Cullen

He's just like a big, friendly, bear. If I had a big brother, I'd want him to be just like Emmet.

4. Jasper Hale

He's pretty darn sexy, you have to admit. He's just awesome. And he has that sort of darkness around him which I just find hot.


Evil is just hot

5. James and Victoria

Yes, these two. They were so badass and sexy. I know they tried to kill Bella, but isn't that what vampires are meant to do? Kill? James is sadistic, but he's just sexy. It kind of annoys me the way Edward treats Victoria in Eclipse, and the way he kills her. Because if the situation were in reverse and she'd killed Bella, he would probably do the same.

6. Seth Clearwater


He tries with her, he really does.

Seth is just...Seth! He's a cutie.

7.. Charlie Swan

Moustaches FTW! I feel sorry for him the way Bella is just so willing to become a vampire. Does she ever consider what it'll do to Charlie when she doesn't age and such and he just dies? He's just a good Dad. Awesome, awesome man.

8. Riley

Riley, firstly, is hot (Xavier Samuel). Secondly, he's just so angry and fierce and I find it cute. It's sad the way Victoria manipulated him, but you know. I just liked him for some reason.


Riley tries hard to impress the ladies ;)


I miss her

9. Bree Tanner

I read the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and what can I say? She's awesome and I'm so devastated that she died. I remember reading Eclipse and not really know what to think of her, but reading the novella really made me feel for her.

10. Diego

You will only know who Diego is if you've read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and I felt for him too.

11. Freaky Fred

Another Bree Tanner character. This dude gets his Freak onnnn! Dayum. Heheheh, he was awesome. Wish he had appeared in the actual saga sometime.

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