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  • I live in Mississippi, USA
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is technical support
  • I am female


Biographical information


11 September 19xx






  • Ash

  • Red

Physical description






5 feet 9 inches

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Pale but not as pale as a vampire. 

Family information

Family members

  • Husband

  • 2 brothers

  • Awesome parents and in laws

  • Friends/Dear Ones

Magical characteristics


  • Excellent with spelling and grammar

  • Sort of techy and decent with computers

  • I love to talk and I love meeting new people.  I’m a “people person.”

Gene source

1/8th Native American (Choctaw tribe) and the rest is Scottish, Irish and British heritage

Special abilities

I have the ability of hearing a song once and I automatically know all of the lyrics by heart.  I listen to a lot of music and have diverse taste. 



Tech support, amateur writer


  • Olympic coven

  • Denali coven

  • Black pack

  • Uley pack

  • American nomads

  • British nomads

  • Irish coven

Hello, my name is Ashley and I'm 30.  I have the same birthday as Renesmee, though I am quite a bit older than her (24 years if you go by the book). I first became interested in the Twilight Saga when my friends told me that I should check out the books (this was prior to the first film being released). I was about 25 at that time (mid 2008) and at first, I thought it was just for teenagers. I love to read, and love the vampire genre, so I checked it out. I wanted to have at least read the first book before seeing the movie, and I'm glad I did. I didn't want the movies to influence the books and the way the characters appeared in my head. I've read the entire series at least a dozen times, and I've seen all of the movies that have been released thus far (I saw Twilight twice in the theater, New Moon once, and Eclipse three times, and Breaking Dawn Part One three times in the theater). My mother is also a fan, and we go to the midnight release of the movie each year. My favorite movie is Twilight, and my favorite book is Eclipse or Twilight.

My favorite characters are Carlisle and Alice. I also like the rest of the Cullen family, Charlie, Garrett the nomad, Leah, Seth, etc. I do not like Bella very much (too whiny), though she became marginally better once she became a vampire. I like Bree, Diego, and Fred from SSL of Bree Tanner.

A few years ago, I went to a vampire themed Halloween party and dressed as Alice. It looked pretty good, if I do say so myself (even though Alice is supposed to be shorter than 5 feet and I'm almost 6 feet tall). I wore the grey/silver dress and black sweater outfit that she wore in the first movie. I'm so pale that I barely had to wear any makeup. I also like to write fan fiction from the perspective of Renesmee (though, I did find her character to be a bit too "perfect," sort of a Mary Sue).

My husband probably thinks I'm a little crazy because of my Twilight obsession, but he is a Star Wars geek, so let's just call it even.

Now that Breaking Dawn Part 2 has been released, I'd like to say that I had found another series of books or movies to replace it. I enjoyed the first Hunger Games film, and even though I love to read, I haven't gotten around to any of the books. It just doesn't draw me in like Twilight did. I am the first to critique Stephenie Meyer's writing and poor character development (some of her peripheral characters were developed so much better than the main characters, IMO). Others have tried to get me into things like Harry Potter, but I'm just not interested in wizards or magic or anything like that. The only other series that I've gotten into almost as much has been the Sookie Stackhouse books. I only really enjoyed about the first season of True Blood, though. The show just kind of ran off the rails and became too different from the books to me. I do like the TV show Dexter (the books are even better... so good). I love reading very much. My favorite authors include Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series is excellent. There are plans for the series to be adapted to film. I hope it is.

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