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  • I live in Forks,Washington
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is to entertain people with my love and compassion
  • I am Female/Vampire


Esme Cullen

(Esme's pov)

My name is Esme Anne Platt and at the age of 16 I feel out of a tree so my parents rushed me to the hospital where I met Dr.Cullen and he fixed my leg and he ask to sign my cast so I said he could and then I left the hospital and dreamed about docter cullen every night..

When I was 22 I was to please my parents and get married to Charles evenson but I didn't want to on the night of our wedding he toke me to a hotel for our honeymoon and he said I was gonna cook,clean and listen to him and be presentable to guests that comeover so after he said that he told me to take off my clothes and he raped me every night till I was 26 and then he went off to war world on I was so happy when he left I found a tree and I went there everyday one day a guy showed up and I liked him he was really nice,kind sweet and one night I made love to him without being scared..

In 1919 Charles returned when i found out i was pregnant I snuke out in the middle of night and went to Ashland where I posed as a war widow and in for the next nine
Carlisle And Esme - You And Me03:17

Carlisle And Esme - You And Me

months I taught as a teacher and when the time came i quit that job and had my baby sadley I lost my baby and was devestated that when they gave me him to hold I held on and didn't let go finally after a nurse told me to let go I didn't so she went and got the docter and he stuck me with a needle that put me to sleep for 2 days after I woke up and I panicked and they let me leave so I ran through the woods till I came to a cliff I could hear people behind me shouting but I didn't care I looked down at the blue waters they looked so peaceful so I jumped.....

(Carlisle pov)

I was working when a nurse came up to me and told me they got a call from hiker that said they found a girl named esme that had
jumped off a cliff I reconized her name cause I treated her leg when she fell out of the tree,they took her to the morgue and after everyone left I grabbed her file and went to the mmorgue and I could hear that her heart was barely pumping so I bit her on her neck three times and picked her up and carried her to Edward and I's house and I took her to my room and waited till she woke up...

(Esme's pov)

I was a mile away from my boys and I was almost there to grab my bofriends hend when every thing turned black and I reliezed I was back in my body there was pain for a little bit and then it felt good and I heard talking and my eyes snapped open and I sat straight up and looked over in the shadows and saw movement and I hissed and my chest rumbled and a guy walked away from the shadows into the moonlight and I gasped because I reconized him "Dr.Cullen whats wroung with me?" I asked he said "Hello Esme nice to see you to and please call me Carlisle this may be hard for you to understand but you are a...."

"A what?"

"A vampire"

I just jumped off the bed and looked for a way to get out and a boy was blocking the window and carlisle was blocking the door and he walked over to me and took my hand "Esme I need to explain something to you" he took me to the bed and we sat down "Esme this is my adoptive son Edward he is a vampire and we hunt animals instead of humans" and I said "ok niice to meet you Edward" and Carlisle said "Esma is your throat burning?"

and I reached up to my throat and swallowed and said "yes my throat is burning now.." and with that Carlisle said "Well lets go hunt.."
Twilight - Carlisle&Esme My love03:22

Twilight - Carlisle&Esme My love

i will upload more hope you guys enjoyed it.. thanks

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