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HOT! <3


Name - Robert Thomas Pattinson

D.O.B - 13th May 1986

Nicknames - R-Pattz, Rob & Patty

Star Sign - Taurus

Home Town - London, England

Height - 6'1 (185 cm)

Hair Colour - blonde, brown

Eye Colour - blue, grey

Crush - Kristen Stewart (Bella)

Favourite Actor/Actess - Jack Nicholson

Worst Habbit - talking too much

Dream Job - professional pianist


Rob has featured in quite a few films - Twilight, Harry Potter, Vanity Fair, Ring of the Nibelthugs, The Haunted Airman, Remember Me, New Moon, Eclipse and many more!

Embarrassing Edit

When Rob was little his ssters would dress him up as a girl and name him Claudia! How emmbarrasing!!

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