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Moon and wolf nm

I know i keep repeating articles i hope mines turns out better!
Congratulations! you have just came to a great article!! E.Lawlor 10:15, April 3, 2010 (UTC)


This article will intruigue you and make you want to watch the movie over and over again!! x

The MovieEdit

In the movie New Moon directed by Chris Weitz Bella and Edwrad are happy until one day Edward has to leave because people are becoming suspicious about their family not growing old. Bella goes through a deep depression for months but finally snaps out of it and becomes good friends with Jacob! the two of them fix motorbikes together and then ride them. Bella wanted to do this as she went on a random mans motorbike and saw Edward so she wants to do this again. Whilst on her motorbike she gets distracted and fell off and that is when Jacob (heart throb) takes off his shirt!
Also Bella goes cliffdiving but bangs her head and gets knocked out. She sees Edward again and then Jacob pulls her out. Alice sees this in her premonition and thinks Bella is dead as she can't see Wolves. Edward thinks Bella is dead also and goes to provoke the Volturi. Alice goes to get Bella and they set out to save Edward. Bella gets there just in time and Alice meets them at the clock tower. The three of them encounter a time with the Volturi and Edward gets thrown about by Jane and others. At the end of the film Edward asks Bella to marry him.

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