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want to know some sneeky things that happens in New Moon? heres the place you need to be! brought to you by ☆ ErinL98 ☆

  1. In a U.S dictionary the word twi-hard means fierce and wild.
  2. New Moon is Rob and Kristen's favourite book.
  3. One of Robert's legs are shorter than the other one!
  4. Megan Fox admits that Robert P is hot!
  5. Taylor Lautner was told he had to put on weight to play Jacob in New Moon an he is only 17!
  6. For the movies Kristen has to wear brown contact lenses as her eyes are naturally green.
  7. Kristen gets downed by fans because she dated Rob!
  8. A reporter asked Rob who he fancied and Rob joked and said the Exorsist!
  9. Fans gathered as they shot live in Italy
  10. So that Edward would shine Robert had to have blue dots draw on him!
  1. When Taylor was in school he got awarded the cutest smile award!
  1. Stephanie Myer would like the vampire ability of not sleeping!
  1. Rob loves to have Greek yoghurt for his breakfast!
  1. Taylor Lautner has been dating Taylor Swift!
  1. New Moon is an amazing film! (although thats not a secret!)

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