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About meEdit

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Rosalie Lillian Hale Cullen
Biographical information

July 23, 1915


April 12, 1933

Created by

Dr. Carlisle Cullen


April 12, 1933... Well, I consider immortality death.


Rosie - By Emmett Cullen

Babe/Baby - By Emmett Cullen

The Blonde One - By Jessica Freaking Stanley

Rose - By The Cullen Family

Physical description






Hair color

Honey Blonde

Eye color
  • Blue/Violet (as a human)
  • Golden
  • Black (When thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Emmett Cullen - Husband
  • Alice Cullen - Sister
  • Jasper Hale - Brother
  • Bella Cullen - Adoptive, Boring, Sister-In-Law
  • Edward Cullen - Brother
  • Renesmee Carlie Cullen - Niece
  • Esme Cullen - Mother
  • Carlisle Cullen - Father
  • William Hale - Deceased, Younger, biological brother
  • David Hale - Deceased, Younger, Biological brother
Special characteristics




Special abilities




To Annoy Edward

To Love Emmett

To Hate Bella

To Protect my Family

To assassinate all rapists



Olympic Coven

Hello! I'm new to this thing, so hear me out. I am really defensive of my beliefs, which means I tend to argue with people a lot. I love the minor characters and Hate Edward, Bella and Jacob. I think Twilight had the potential to be a really well written story but Stephanie Meyer isn't that great of an author. I am in love with Emmett Cullen and Kellan Lutz. Jasper Hale is tied with Emmett, he is so amazing. Alice and Rosalie are underappreciated characters. Carlisle and Esme are ignored by too many. I also love Seth, Embry, Quil, and Jared. I think Renesmee was a stupid idea and I hate her name.

Twilight movies: I hated Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke made some major mistakes while directing it. The one thing she did correctly was casting. Choosing unknown actors was smart. New Moon was much better, but still lacking. Eclipse is the best of the three and I am very pleased.

I really do like Twilight, I honestly owe my life to the story. Twilight helped my get out of my depression, find friends who I still love today, and realize who I am as a person. One thing I do hate about Twilight? RABID FANGIRLS!

So, you might be curious as to how I owe my life to Twilight. Or maybe you don't care, but I'm going to tell the story either way. When I was in the Seventh Grade, I was a popular person. I made a lot of enemies that year. Little did I know that all those enemies would gang up against me, and turn the people who liked me against me too. By the second day of 8th grade, I had no friends.

Yes, I know, I deserved it. I had done some really awful things. I tried to pick myself back up and change things, and even when I apologized, they shunned me.

I became suicidal very fast. I already had enough problems in my life, I didn't need this. I started my spiral downward by wishing myself to die. It was all I could think about. Car accident, fall to my death, a late season tornado racing towards me. Then I started keeping a knife in between my matress and box spring. One Saturday, my parents fought again, and I told myself I was going to use my knife. Right at that moment, Annie texted me.

Annie is the bestest friend I have ever known, but she was one of the people I had been rude and downright horrible too in the 7th grade. Randomly, she texted me, and changed everything. Her text was simple: "Want to sit by me during lunch on Monday?" I had been sitting by myself for weeks.

Annie sat with a strange group of 7th graders. I asked her "What do you talk about with them?"


Lets back up about a year and a half, July 21, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has just been released. I had finished it within hours. My Grandma - Who had given me the book for my birthday - Noticed this and asked me what I would read now. I replied, "I don't know."

So she handed me Twilight. I read the first chapter and became so bored. I never touched it again.

Until Annie had texted me.

I had finished the story by 3 AM that night. I bought New Moon the next day, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, I had finished the whole series in 6 days. I blew over 100 dollars on the Movie guide, Twilight Tickets, two t-shirts, pins... That didn't matter.

Today, I am happy. Today, I am living. Today, that knife is back in the silverware drawer. Today, I am TEAM EMMETT! :P

Twilight Song Of The Day PlaylistEdit

Here is a playlist of all the songs that are featured in my Blog, Twilight Song of the Day You can visit the blog Here

  • Trouble by NeverShoutNever
  • Beauty from Pain by Superchick
  • My Baby's Better Than Yours by Meg & Dia
  • When The Day Met The Night by Panic! At the Disco
  • I'm With You by Avril Lavigne
  • Turn it Off by Paramore

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Users I Tend To StalkEdit



Kirby Phelps (PK)




I have a Fanfiction:


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