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Team Edward! Midnight sun aka. The Holy Bible! I loved Edward since Twilight and that impression of him did not fade over the time. I could never put my finger on why it was, but Edward Cullen is absoloutley my favourite character. Maybe it was, paradoxaly, the leaving in New Moon that made me so fond of him. He shows his love and commitment in the most beautifull way, and he only wants what is best for Bella. Even if it means hurting himself to succeed. He truly is a gentlman they had only in 1918. and he is not affraid to showing it. On many ocassions he made it clear that he has a bit of fondness for overthinking and overreacting, but that too makes him what he is. Edward in comparison to Jacob is definitley more mature, more loving, smarter, funnier, more devoted, and overall better in every way possible!

Team Edward all the way!

Edward Cullen This user is on Team Edward.

I wanna live in Forks

I love Forks! I love the cold and the wet, the cloudy sky that makes you feel claustrophobic, the foggy mornings, the too green forests and mouintain surroundings. And of course don't forget the vampires! And oh, the sweet irony, I live in Croatia. The place that is pure oppsite of Forks. Hot summers with not one drop of rain, and dry winters with very, very little snow.

Forks, Washington here I come!

Music, Art and Books

My absouloute, all time favourite band is Iron and Wine. I owe Twilight a huge thank you for introducing me to it! And my favourite song is " Boy with a coin "

I am a artist who wishes to become a doctor ( oncologist to be exact ), and my favourite painter is Claude Monet - The Stroll. I watch dr.House all the time.

I was actually suprised of how much Bella and I had in common. Like her I am a Austen fan and my favourite book is Wuthering Heights. My favourite poet is Jasenjin. I love old english classics, like Sherlock Holmes -A.C.Doyle, and something modern like Inkheart- Cornelia Funke.

Midnight sun

My universe expanded and a whole new sun came in! It was Midnight sun. As I prayed and hoped that Stephanie Meyer whould finish it as soon as she possibly could, someone dared to put her unfinished copy on the internet. Well we all know what happend then.

My universe suddenly became very,very dark. The reason? The sun shrinked, uncompleate, unfinished on his 264 page. I wanted to cry, to yell and to kill whoever it was that made the leak at the same time. But I had hope and I tried to keep the sun alive until it was finished so it could shine again.

Today, after two years past from the suns shrinking, it's completley gone now. I have no idea if I will ever hold Midnight sun compleate in my hands, and I don't even know where to place my pleads!! I whould beg on my knees, but to whom?? Stephanie seems to be imune to our longing, and she is the only one who knows Edward enough to write him. I tried to make my version but still, that is not that!!


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