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I'm Edwardlover00 and I love Edward very much:) I would say most people like jacob better than Edward but I am a team Edward fan:) I started twilight Wiki last month so I don't really know what to do around here. Well anyways let me tell you a little bit about me cause that is what a profile is for..... My name is Emily, I'm 11 years old, my birthday is November 14,2000. I love Edward a lot!!!! And I'm so excited for breaking dawn part two!!! I read twilight,new moon, and I am in the middle of eclipse right now:) I am in 5 th grade, I am also a huge fan of the hunger games just not twilight.... My favorite character in the hunger games is PEETA MRLLARK.... I love trampolines kinda random... But they are so fun and bouncy... I do cheer,dance,and gymnastics. I am a girly girl. My cousin natbug is obbsssed with Liz gillies from victorious... I don't know how she got to be obbsssed with it but one day when we saw each other that is all she talked about... I really don't wanna name all of my Edward stuff but I want to cause I wanna make this really long.... So here I go.. I have a Edward blanket, a Edward pillow, 6 posters from breaking dawn(breaking dawn is when I came obbsssed) 1 poster from eclipse, a breaking dawn calendar, a lot of pictures on my I pad, a lot of pictures on my I pod, all of my backgrounds for my electronics are Edward Cullen, I'm getting an I pad cover it is Edward Cullen, I have party stuff from breaking dawn part 1, I am going to the midnight premiere of breaking dawn part 2. I could name more but I really don't wanna type so much stuff!!! Oh I forgot what I look like.. I have red hair, green eyes, small, I have contacts... That pretty much explains me...

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