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September 10, 2010
Me dressed as minnie mouse.

Hey everyone, dearest twilight lovers, fans and fanettes. My name is mez :) I'm 15 years old and i live in Sydney, Australia. And i go for team edward, i used to go for team jacob, i was an original fan ever since the beginning of twilight until everyone got overley obsessed with him in new moon, although i still love him i kinda go for both :) I have all four of the twilight books, i enjoy photography, fashion and art and i'd love to grow up to be a fashion designer. I also enjoy browsing the internet for hipster photos and blogging stuff that i like and what inspires me.. I look and act older than i really am, and like most australian's they love the summer. But my favourite season will always be winter! I was never an "obsessive" twilight fan and i'm not a screaming fan girl either. I just enjoy the twilight saga, along with the movie. But i'd love to meet Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson, that would be pretty cool. Sometimes i wish i was a vampire so i could have a really cool power like reading peoples minds, seeing the future or even running as fast as the wind! I'm a very nice person, i'm not judgemental but i'm very opinionative, so if you want my opinion then you'll definetley get it. I enjoy playing sports, but i'm not a complete athlete i'm the kind of girl who would rather sit home drinking a cup of hot tea and watching alice in wonderland. I love cartoons, especially very old disney ones, i love photography cameras, sewing, big ribbions, stockings, baggy jumpers, hot tea, ice-cream, big chunky jewellery, nutella and reading books and i hate fake, rude and arrogant people and bracelets, i don't know why i hate bracelets they just annoy me. I also don't like toast..The one thing i hate the most is followers and people who try to impress the people they loathe for complete attention. I love perfume and stuffed animals, and sitting in a warm room watching the rain outside my bedroom window.Edit

It's me -)
Me and my friend -)
Picture of me..

But don't get me wrong, i have my own insecurities. I just don't show them, but overall i'm a carefree, loving and gentle person and i may inspire you and i'm also great with advice. If you wan't to know more about me just ask :)

love mez. xox

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Mez Jankovic

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