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May 22, 2009

Hi, I'm Edward & Bella. I was introduced to the wonderful world of Twilight by a few obsessed friends. Although I started out late, I'm rather proud of my knowledge of the Twilight Saga, and I'll be happy to help out on this Wikia, although it already seems well-organized. Currently, I am impatiently awaiting the New Moon film, having watched Twilight.

ME Edit

Sadly, there is very little remarkable about me. I am merely another teenage girl, 13 years old to be exact, obsessed with the fantasy world of Twilight.

My Favourites Edit

Book: Although I absolutely all four (or five, including Midnight Sun), if I had to choose a facourite book, It would be Breaking Dawn. I loved the way everything worked out well for Bella and everyone else.

Charaters: My favourite characters are of course, Edward and Bella. But if I expanded the range, it would include Jacob, Renesmee, Esme, Carlisle, Alice, and Seth.

Movie: Because I have only watched one film, Twilight, so I really cannot say that I have a favourite movie. However, I would like to see New Moon and find out which one is better.

Where to Find Me Edit

You can find me at three other Wikis.

Harry Potter Wiki: I work here most often, and am most active. You'll find me by the name Quidditch Lover.

Warriors Wiki: I edit here once in a while, although I'm not very active. I go by Leafheart.

Artemis Fowl Wiki: I sometimes edit here. It's not my major Wiki. My user name is Captain Short.

Leave a message on any of these wikis if you have any spefic questions. Otherwise, talk to me here!

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