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January 3, 2013
  • I live in Surigao City, Philippines
  • I was born on August 18
  • I am Female

Checking my Facebook account and Twitter account almost every day.

But there's more stuff I checked about. The latest news about the Twilight co-stars. Crammbazzled, urgh, whatever. But, as if like I was in LA, Cali everytime, shaking their hands, talking to the both on them in person or in phone for hours. I really want to meet them in person. REALLY. So, that's what motivated me. I study hard to reach my goals, to go to CALI for them to see. In my situation, succesful, working as a geologist(or, or soft more life to travel around Europe (or the WORLD!) . And I get more thrilled when I heard Your Majest Stephenie Meyer tends to write another book as a complementary book in Twilight Saga series; it's all about Edward Cullen's perspective (to know the romantic vampire even better!)

At first, I was really stalking the two of them. Watching their videos, re-reading and watching their movies many times. So, that I will be able to know them better. And of that, they're really sweet, romantic, inlove, and what they really feel is really true love. Well, it was really like a prize puncher has arrived to Edward when he saw some pictures that Kristen was cheating. But, I've figured something else for that matter. There's a video that indicates that Kristen was not really cheating, in fact that on that day, Kristen was out golfing with her father. So how come, that Kristen has brown hair and in the "cheatinig pictures", it is black? How come that the paparazzi only took 4 or more pictures, but when everytime KStew shows up there are more like a hundreds of them. But, that's history. I'm very happy (super!) that they have reconciled after their two-month separation. They really need to be around each other. Because they LOVE! And RPatz had forgiven her because Kristen has proved and put so much effort for Robert to forgive her, and she was really guilty and she loves so much Robert Pattinson. Oh well, I hope they'll be forever.

So, where was I? Yeah, Midnight Sun <3

I downloaded the partial draft copyrighted by Stephenie Meyer. 12 chapters, 264 pages. WOW! A blast, this book should be on theaters! So that we can feel the Twilight fever forever. Before, when I visited the official Stephenie Meyer's website, I was happy. And then I downloaded the partial draft of it, but it failed. Failed, many times. But, I never stopped visiting that website, and luckily, it downloaded successfully and I'm happy because I can read it an

ytime now. Yes! :)

The videos I watched are at the bottom of this page. Regarding to Robsten is Inseparable. :))))))))

Robsten is Unbroken...01:35

Robsten is Unbroken....!

Robsten Is Unbroken - Evidence04:29

Robsten Is Unbroken - Evidence


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