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I used to be a lot more active on this wiki. I guess I dont come on that often anymore. If you want to contact me or talk to me there's a link to my Tumblr above. Bye.
<font size="4">W</font><span style="font-size:large;">elcome to my userpage!</span>
{{Infobox|name = Volante
||born = October 1999
|turned =
|creator =
|alias = *Lentils
|species = Human
|gender = Female
|hair = Black
|eyes = *Brown
|skin = Brown
|family = *Denali Coven
*The Everdeens
|abilities = Being lazy
|special = Annoying you
|loyalty = *Denali Coven
*Jacob Black's Pack
*Olympic Coven
*Sam Uley's Pack
|image = [[File:Article1 landscape-1321283766.jpg|250px]]|The badass succubi sisters]]|Black|Black|Black|Black|Black|died = Who said I did?|Black}}Name's Volante (pronounced ''Voh-lehn-tay)'' but you can call me Volarie, DenaliLover, V or whatever. I don't need to tell you I love Twilight. If you have any questions about me or you'd like to ask leave a message on my [[User_talk:Teamcullen|talk page]].
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there. ☺ You came here to, what? Find out about me? Stalk me? Bitch about me? Okay I don't care but hi. Me name's Volante. I'm a Denali whore. Yeah, that's the badass coven. I love those Spanish, vegetarian, succubi vampires of Alaska. Twilight is awesome. Don't like it? Okay then go away.
I know you probably think I'm rude, but if you talk to me and get to know me I'm a really nice person, actually. Maybe I'll like you, maybe I won't. Read through my profile. See what I like. Get to know me better. That's what you're here for right? My profile is a bit long, but it's not really THAT long. Unlike a certain user on this wiki. If you're reading this, you know who you are.
==Before you enter the rest of my profile you must take this poll. Quickly!==
What do you think of DenaliLover?
She's awesome!
Who the hell is that?
I don't really know her that well...
She's okay...
OMG I hate her!!
She's annoying
She's one of my best buds
She's crazy
She's a bitch
===About my avatars===
Usually I would have different avatars of multiple people. Mainly it would be the Denalis everytime new stills come out, or it might be Jennifer Lawrence, something Hunger Games-ish, Adele, Logan Lerman, Kristen Stewart, etc. But mostly the Denalis.
===About my username===
My very first username was Teamcullen. That's when I was "Team Cullen", but I'm not anymore. So I changed my name to DenaliLover in October of 2011. I should have rather asked that they changed my name to "DenaliWhore" or something. But I like this username tho. At least it's something Denali-ish. But most of my friends on the wiki call me by my real name Volante or V. Other users would call me Denali or DL.
==My favourite characters==
(And I share a little love for the Romanians, Amazons and the La Push dwellers.)
==My teams I am on==
{{Template:Team|Denali}}{{Template:Team|Carmen}}{{Team|Kate}}{{Template:Team|Tanya}}{{Template:Team|Everyone}}{{Template:Team|Wolf Pack}}{{Template:Team|Jella}}{{Template:Team|Jacob}}{{Template:Team|Alice}}{{Template:Team|Jasper}}{{Template:Team|Esme}}{{Template:Team|Carlisle}}{{Template:Team|Seth}}{{Template:Team|Jane}}{{Template:Team|Emmett}}{{Template:Team|Rosalie}}{{Template:Team|Leah}}{{template:team|Billy}}{{Template:Teams|Charlie}} {{Template:Team|Bella's truck}}
==Denali Coven Gallery==
<gallery captionalign="left" captiontextcolor="green" bordercolor="green" >
DiarioTwilightAmanecer 8.jpg
Tanya, kate, irina and esme.jpeg
DiarioTwilightAmanecer 5.jpg
344588049 (cropped).jpg
Carmen and eleazer.png
DiarioTwilightAmanecer 4.jpg
Twilight-Saga-Breaking-Dawn -jewelry by Swarovski 1.jpg
Twilight-Saga-Breaking-Dawn -jewelry by Swarovski .jpg
Twilight-Saga-Breaking-Dawn -jewelry by Swarovski 2.jpg
<center><gallery captionalign="center">
Ayl9Cb7CYAEqZre.jpg|I drew this picture for my Twiki friends.
</gallery> [[User:TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt|Dee]] • [[User:TEAMIDK|Sam]] • [[User:Bellscullen|Dorothy]] • [[User:Twilightsagafan|Justine]] • [[User:Love and Lust|Savannah]] • [[User:LavendaBrunette|Kelly]] • [[User:JasperandDamonhottestvamps|Nerming]] • [[User:TheWolfPacksBitch|Carlie]] • [[User:TeamJakeward1402|Jashan]] • [[User:Alicehale.jasper|Alice]]</center>
==This fandom quiz I took. Here's my results==
[ Here's] the link.
==Other stuff (aka fun stuff)==
===Fave TV shows===
*'''The Big Bang Theory'''
*'''The Marvelous Misadventuers of Flapjack'''
*'''Brandy and Mr. Whiskers'''
*'''Ed, Edd n Eddy'''
*'''Teen Titans '''
*'''Codename: Kids Next Door'''
*'''Phineas and Ferb '''
*'''Spongebob Squarepants '''
*'''The Simpsons'''
*'''Family Guy'''
I really like cartoons, ok.
===Choose one===
Okay so this is just some random stuff based on which one I prefer try it, it's fun. 
'''Tea or Coffee? '''Coffee.
'''Chocolate or Vanilla? '''Chocolate. 
'''A or B?''' C! Just kidding; A.
'''Winter or Summer? '''Winter
'''Twilight or HP? '''Twilight.
'''Beyonce or Lady Gaga?''' Beyonce.
'''Robsten or Taysten? '''Taysten.
'''iCarly or Victorious? '''iCarly.
'''Team Jacob or Team Edward? '''Team Jacob.
'''Cullens or Denalis? '''Denalis.
'''Kristen Stewart or Ashley Greene? '''Ummmm, this is tough... Kristen!
'''Jasper or Embry? '''Embry.
'''Cats or Dogs? '''Dogs.
'''Sweet or Sour? '''Dang! this one is tough. Umm... s-s-sou-- NO SWEET!
'''Internet or TV? '''I think we know the answer to this question.
'''Pink or Blue? '''Pink.
'''Alice or Bella? '''Alice.
'''London or Paris? '''Paris.
'''Hot or Cold? '''Ugh, tough choice. I guess I'll say cold.
'''Rasberries or Blackberries?''' Rasberries.
'''Blonde or Brunette?''' Brunettes.
'''Coldplay or Paramore?''' asdfghjkl Coldplay.
===A wiki quiz (created by Dee)===
#'''Do you enjoy this Wiki? '''Yes.
#'''What is your favorite thing to do on this Wiki? '''Comment on blogs, chat with other users.
#'''What is your least favorite thing to do on this Wiki?''' It must be having to edit pages because I'm too lazy. :P
#'''What are your favorite pages? '''The Denali Coven and Tanya's page.
#'''Which pages do you frequently comment on? '''Mainly the gallery pages.
#'''Do you chat often? '''I used to. But I'm less online on this wiki now.
#'''Do the admins annoy you? (Be honest.) '''Not at all.
#'''Which users do you tend to stalk?''' Most of my friends that I listed on my page.
#'''Do you like to (a) edit the most, (b) create blogs the most, or (c) comment the most?''' Comment the most.
#'''Name one Wiki memory that you love.''' That time when we tried to get more than ten people on the chat and then a whole bunch of users from the Degrassi wiki swarmed in and we got more than ten users in the chat and we were feeling so proud. And that day when we were all being crazy and chatting in caps and at the same time we went chat hopping. It was a real rush. XD
===Another wiki quiz===
*'''Favourite ice cream flavour:''' Vanilla.
*'''Favourite colour:''' Purple
*'''Favourite subject at school:''' English
*'''Favourite song right now:''' Headlines by Drake
*'''Quickly, pick a Twilight name:''' Irina!
*'''Favourite Twilight vehicle:''' Bella's truck
*'''Do you want to be an admin on this wiki?''' Not now really. Too much responsibilities.
*'''Favourite quote from Twilight movie:''' "''And so the Lion fell in love with the lamb" -- ''Edward
*'''Favourite quote from New Moon movie:''' "''We're faster" -- ''Jared
*'''Favourite quote from Eclipse movie:''' "''Maybe I should call Bella and hang up!" ''-- Quil
*'''Favourite quote from Breaking Dawn part 1 movie:''' ''"Hola!" ''-- Eleazar
*'''Favourite Jacob Black outfit:''' That outfit he wore when he visited the Cullens in BD1
*'''Favourite Edward Cullen outfit:''' I haven't really thought of Edward's outfit...
*'''Favourite Bella Swan outfit:''' That blue jacket she always used to wear in ''Twilight''.
*'''Team Jella or Team Bedward?''' Team Jella
*'''Team Alice or Team Rosalie (this one is difficult):''' Team Alice
*'''Do you like Jacob/Jella hugs?''' Umm, Yes.
*'''In which movie did your favourite Jacob/Jella hug happened?''' Breaking Dawn Part 1.
===Quiz I found on Tumblr===
'''Choose your top four fandoms (in random order)'''
*The Hunger Games
*Harry Potter
*Percy Jackson
'''The first character you fell in love with:'''
#Alice Cullen
#Fred and George Weasley (I love both, okay)
#Annabeth Chase
'''The character you never expected to love:'''
#Anyone from the Denali Coven
#Gale Hawthorne
#Draco Malfoy
#Zoe Nightshade
'''The character you’d slap:'''
#Bella Swan
#Pansy Parkinson
'''Three favourite characters:'''
#Omg I can't choose between the Denalis o.o Idk Charlie Swan, Embry Call, Leah Clearwater.
#Johanna Mason, Rue, Gale Hawthorne.
#Lee Jordan, Luna Lovegood, the Weasley twins.
#Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Hazel Levesque.
'''Your OTP:'''
==Other Books I've read, yes I did steal this from TeamTaycob's page==
*''The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling''
*''The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins''
*''The Percy Jackson series by Rick Rordan''
*''The Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy''
*''The Peaches series by Jodie Lynn Anderson''
*''The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis''<br />
*''The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky''
==My awesome signature==
At first [[User:Green Fairy|Green Fairy]] helped me make my first signature, but I spruced my signature up a bit.
[[User:DenaliLover|<span style="color:#C20AFF;"><font face="Vladimir Script"><font size="5">DenaliLover</font></font></span>]][[User talk:DenaliLover|<sup><font size="1">I freaking love the Denalis!</font></sup>]]
I know. It's such a marvelous signature. :)
==Other websites==
Okay so here are other websites I have accounts on apart from wikia (I think I have a lot of other accounts I have to stop making so many :P):
*Twitter: [!/lermanish @lermanish]
*Wattpad: [ EpicGleek]
*Tumblr: [ shraderrs]
* [ heckyeslerman]
Well I think that's about it. Well, apart from my account. I'm not gonna add that, but if you want to know then my name is LovelyEverthorne.

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I used to be a lot more active on this wiki. I guess I dont come on that often anymore. If you want to contact me or talk to me there's a link to my Tumblr above. Bye.

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