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Name Jessie Lurcretia Cullen

Age 16

Born Febuary 5th 1994

Died 3rd of March (As a human)

Turned 3rd of March (As a Vampire)

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye color Brown ( Human )

Red as a Newborn (Newborn Vampire 6 months)

''Gold (after 6 months)

Black (Thirsty)


Cedric Cullen -Husband

Emmett Cullen - Brother in- law

Alice cullen - Sister in-law

Edward Cullen - Brother in-law

Bella cullen - Sister -in-law

Jasper Hale - Brother -in-law

Rosalie Hale - Sister in-law

Carlisle Cullen - Father in-law

Esme Cullen - Mother in-law

Renessme Cullen  - Niece

Speacial Power Pryokness ''

Early life

Jessie was the eldest daughter of Errol Swaby and Sarah Charlotte Hughes Jessie had a younger Sister called Daisy . Jessie's grandparents are Roy Hughes and Josie Hughes . When Jessie was five years old her father left her Mum and her and her sister , Jessie was really close to her familly . Jessie was a loner at school and many of her classmates thought she was werid .

Metting Cedric and becoming a vampire

Jessie met Cedric one day at School the two eventually became friends and later on fell in love with each over Jessie met his familly and all the Cullens loved her speacially Rosalie who became Jessie's best friend . One day after school Jessie was attacked by her classmates and was beaten and presumbly raped her.Cedric who smelt her blood raced to save her along with the rest of his familly .

Jessie was dying when they found her with the help of Carlisle and Alice ,and Rosalie , Edward and Bella Cedric Sucessfully transforms Jessie into a Vampire and had the power of Pryokness .



Daisy was Jessie's younger sister the two were really close , after Jessie became a vampire Jessie and the Cullens agreed that her family were better off knowing that she was dead. Jessie was really close to all of her family.


Cedric is Jessie's husband the two are really close and are extremly protective of each other true soulmates . Cedric was the one who found her with Edward and Bella.

Edward and Bella

Jessie is like to Edward and Bella a baby sister Edward and Bella are really protective of her. Jessie is really close to them.


Can you show me the pretty fireworks?


Jessie and Renessmee

Jessie is Renessmee's aunt the two have a very speacial bond .


Carlise is the adoptive father of Jessie Jessie admires him and is like a father to Jessie likewise Jessie is like a daughter to him


Esme is the adoptive mother of Jessie Esme and Jessie are really close.


After Jessie became a vampire Jasper helped her he also told her that he had trouble with the Vegertereain Diet.


Alice is like a sister to Jessie who reminds her of Daisy the two care about each other depply


Emmett and Jessie love sports Emmett Chalenges Jessie to a arm wrestling match wich Jessie wins


Roselaie who having gone thorough the same thing as her sympathises with her  Rosalie and Jessie are really close. and are best friends


Physical Appearence

Jessie like all vampires is unnaturally beautiful and is really fast ,Jessie is really skinny and has mixed race skin that is olive and pale white Cedric calls Jessie a Angel and Bella describes her as Sleeping Beauty ,Jessie is 7ft 6 as a human Jessie had big brown eyes full lips . When Jessie became a vampire her hair became darker her eyes blood red .



Jessie has the power of pryokness the ability to manipualate fire to her will

*note- user did not follow up on information as the newborns have red eyes for about a year as the rest of their human blood leaves their bodies*

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