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The following is the fictional biography of a fanfiction character by myself, scroll down for editor's biography.

Biographical information

Mid 20th Century


Late 20th Century

Created by

Carlisle Cullen

  • 'Lap Dog' (by Sam)
  • 'Little' (by Hark)
  • 'Soft vamp' (by enemies)
Physical description






Hair color


Eye color
  • Golden (as a vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities; Extreme sincerity and hope for others.

'Voice of Reason'


Gieder Coven

Vampire Biography Edit

Vul was born Dan Wilson in the early 20th century. Little is known about his previous life, only that he lived quite content with his family, which consisted of her mother, sister and father. He didn't always see eye to eye with his father.

Upon his venture to America for his father's business trip, Dan met a young American maid, Emilia. The two fell in love and attempted to run away together to the Deep south of America, however their plans were thwarted when Emilia fell gravely ill with Pneumonia. Pleading for help with doctors that wouldn't listen, he came across a Dr. Cullen. Dr. Cullen vowed to treat her and do everything he could to help Dan, however Emilia died shortly. Wracked with grief, Dan attempted to kill himself by slashing at his chest and gouging into his throat.

Dr. Cullen, discovering the boy to now be barely alive, bit him and injected venom into his body. Three days later he awoke, a vampire.

The change left him feeling abused and suffered great distrust towards Dr. Cullen. He left the hospital and fled back to his home country of England, where he was confronted by another vampire Hark Gieder. He asked Dan if he would be interested in joining a family of vampires, who could look after him. He accepted and upon making a painful goodbye to his family, returned to America with his coven. The coven soon found that he had developed a gift in his new life, the extreme feelings of sincerity to all creatures. Hark renamed the boy 'Vul', short for vulnerable, as he feared his gift would prevent feeding. However Vul realized that he could hunt animals for their blood, a unique trait within his coven. As his newborn powers began to wear off, Vul finally felt like he was home, although he made it his life's mission to track down Dr. Cullen and apologize for the way he acted after the change.

Physical Description Edit

Vul is 5"5', the height he was before the change. As he was only fifteen when changed into a vampire, he is described as very smooth skinned and young looking, despite his many years of age. He has light blonde hair that has recently been cut short to appear modern. He has glowing golden eyes, due to his diet of animal blood, however his eyes soon turn black when he is thirsty. His skin is very pale and sparkles in sunlight, as though it were knitted together with diamonds.

Personality and Traits Edit

Vul is very kind and genuine, due to a special vampire gift he inherited as run-off from his human life. He, therefore, struggled initially with feeding, however he soon discovered that he could feed from animals. He is very calm and quiet, as is sometimes needed with his temperamental coven mate Sam. He can also assert his authority as leader of the coven, as he once did when Hark was called before the legendary vampire 'police' the Volturi. He prefers to keep to himself during the coven downtime and has yet to find a mate after the loss of his human love, Emilia.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Vul possesses very basic vampire abilities, however it has been stated by his coven mates that his agility is unparalleled by any other vampire they have encountered. As a run-off from his human personality, he also adopted extreme sincerity to all creatures, something that forced him to resist the lure of human blood and to drink the blood of animals alone. Due to his kindness, Hark has often appointed him the 'Voice of Reason' within the coven, to show whether or not certain humans should be fed upon. Vul resents his decisions and often wishes his coven mates could feed as he does.

Relationships Edit

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