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  • I was born on February 22
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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Ella Cullen
Biographical information

February 22

Age when turned


Physical description






Hair color


Eye color
  • Chocolate brown (human)
  • Crimson (newborn vampire)
  • Amber (3 months as a vampire)
  • Gold (eventual color)
Skin color


Family members
  • Carlisle Cullen
  • Esme Cullen
  • Alice Cullen
  • Emmett Cullen
  • Jasper Hale
  • Rosalie Hale
  • Edward Cullen
  • Renesmee Cullen
  • Bella Swan

Hi all,I'm Ella

I would like to say something about me. I am a very trusting person, I love to help and everyone can always rely on me. I love to sit and read a book in my spare time and with friends to new adventures. I love Twilight so much and I'm a big fan Sthefany Meyer,she is the person who is my role model in life . I love singing and I'm not a complicated person, and anyone can find a friend in me.ALL ARE WELCOME and I want you to be a fun time on my page.Thanks :)

Sthefany Meyer

"When you can live forever, so there is something worth dying for?" - Sthefany Meyer


The Twilight Series' movies are coming to an end.Can YOU believe it!?!Stephanie Meyer is honored for her new fame because of her books and the movies made ,I believe this series of vampires and romance was amazing and memorable.

Edward Cullen - Bella's Lullaby (RIVER FLOWS IN YOU by YIRUMA)03:10

Edward Cullen - Bella's Lullaby (RIVER FLOWS IN YOU by YIRUMA)

                  Thank you for visiting this page :)

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