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May 31, 2009

Hi peoples, I'm Crazymoose1234, and this is my user page.

About Me Edit

Alright, everyone, it's finally happened; I don't like Jasper anymore. I'm on Team Jacob now! Well, now I can talk about who my faves are! Favorite Cullens:

1. Emmett (So awesome!)

2. Rosalie (Why does everyone hate Rose? She's perfectly understandable! "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.")

3. A tie between Carlisle and Esme. They're both very lovable and compassionate. They're also the parents we all wish we had!

4.Im a ass hole because i hate alice

Favorite Volturi:

1. Caius (He is AWESOME!)

2. Jane (Reminds me of myself a lot; same generally dark personality and liking of torturing people.)

3. Uhhh... IDK. I guess... Aro. He's just very generally happy (Kinda creepy, though... JK)

Favorite Wolfpack Members:

1. JACOB. 'nuff said.

2. Leah. I just feel really sorry for her, and I like her personality. (No, seriously, don't laugh.)

3. Uh, I don't know who anyone else is.

Favorite Pairings (CANON):

1. Edward and Bella. Just... pure, true love. Past what any force on heaven or earth could break, ever.

2. Caius and Athenodora. Yeah, I read tons of adorable, fluffy fanfics about them; it affected me.

3. Tie between Carlisle/Esme and Rosalie/Emmett. Both SO CUTE!

Least Favorite Pairings (CANON):

One, and only one: Alice and Jasper. I don't even love Jasper anymore, but the Anti-Jalice vibes are still in my head.

Favorite Pairings (NON-CANON):

1. Aro and Jane. Sounds kinda gross at first, but it really grew on me,.

2. Emmett and Edward (Sound even grosser than Aro/Jane. Because it is. My guilty pleasure, though.) (Other than the fluffy, adorable Caius/Athenodora fics.)

3. Don't really have another.

Books in order from least favorite to favorite:

4. Twilight (I just read it too much.)

3. Eclipse (Too much Jalice.)

2. Breaking Dawn (CUTE!)

1. Never thought I would EVER say this, but my favorite is... NEW MOON! Only because of the Volturi, though.

Cutest Guys:

1. JACOB!!! 'nuff said.

2. Weird to be saying this, but I kinda have a tiny crush on Caius. DON'T TELL ANYONE!!!

3. Jasper. If you've read some of my blog posts, you know that I used to be in love with Jasper. I'm not anymore. I'll write more when I have the time. Bye 4 now! <3

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