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Clay Cullen
Biographical information

Oct 11 1988


oct 11 2005


oct 8 2005


Vampirical god

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color
  • Blue as human
  • red as newborn
  • black when thirsty
  • gold after 6 months
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Mother Sally Clifton
  • Father William Clifton
  • Sister Katherine Clifton
  • adoptive family
  • Wife Tanya
  • Daughter Rose Mary Cullen
  • sister in law kate
  • sister in law irina
  • sister in law carmen
  • brother in law eleazar
  • sister Rosalie cullen
  • brother jasper cullen
  • brother emmett cullen
  • sister alice cullen
  • mother esme cullen
  • father carlisle cullen
  • sister bella cullen
  • niece Renesmee Carlie Cullen
  • niece Mary Katherine Cullen
  • nephew Clay Emmett Cullen
  • nephew Matt Edward Cullen
  • nephew Gabriel Jasper Cullen
Special characteristics

normal vampire abilities

Special abilities

reality warping powers




Olympic coven

Physical apperence / personality/Enjoyments.
Clay is 6'2" with a muscular build. His blonde hair is the same shade as Rosalie's. his eyes were blue, almost green in color. His blonde hair is often combed into a widow's peak.
He often enjoys playing videogames and reading. he enjoys playing the rockband/guitarhero games and has become quite talented since becoming a vampire. He likes to listen to instrumental music, his current favorites are edward's creations.
He is not easily angered, however he through a fit  when alice tried to throw away some of the clothes his grandmother made him when he was human; clothes that held sentimental value since the day she died. he is always trying to make life easier for people, something that has become his specialty since becoming a vampire and realizing his new power.
Early life/twilight/rising moon
Clay had a charmed life in Dallas Tx, highland park highschool, football, all that jazz.  but all that changed when he moved to arkansas, his family was killed in  a driveby shooting. after the funeral, he refused to go into care of anyone else related to him, and went on a journey to find himself. his journey brought him to forks, Washington. after going hiking in the mountains in summertime,  he is attacked by a mountain lion. he is able to kill it with a rifle, but not without sustaining serious injury. he stumbled through the woods until he collapsed on an out of place path. minutes later he woke, painfully. his skin, his insides, all felt like they were on fire. across from him, seven angelic faces stared at him with concern. he begged them to kill him, but the older looking angel told him what was happening, what he was becoming. after an hour the pain became bearable, and he got up and visited their living room and turned on the television waiting for the pain to disappear. He spent the next five days in front of the television, not really watching it but escaping the pain, not screaming once. After his transformation he and the rest of the family talked about what he had become. After hearing the stories and histories of vampires, he discovered he had a special ability of his own, he could affect reality. He accidentally turned Rosalie human after hearing of her story in detail. This accident gave Rosalie a chance for the life she always wanted. After a couple of weeks Rosalie got discovered she was pregnant with Emmett's child. Clay made the quick assumption that Rosalie needed blood to feed her baby. Rosalie was thrilled that she was going to have a child and Emmett in her life. After another two weeks the baby started breaking Rosalie's bones, it became painfully obvious that it was time to deliver it. Clay delivered her son whom she named Clay Emmett Hale/Cullen. He then injected her heart with his venom in order to change her into a vampire again and save her life.

Special powers :affects reality

Clay can create where there is nothing to be created upon, alter vampire/human states, summon characters of his imagination
Romantic relationship

Family Relationship's


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