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September 9, 2009

'Ello! I like the Twilight book better than the movie.....I don't know why......but the book is better to me.

Fav Characters Edit

Bella- I like her, but everything about her is too perfect. Little mouse-brain gets everything she wants...

Alice- Yay for Alice, the fashion lady! YAY!!!!

Jacob- *In a cheer-song voice* His name is Jacob, yeah, he likes bananas, yeah (lol don't ask me where I got that....I just had coke, I'm hyper now!)

Okay Characters Edit

Edward- .....I don't really care about him. But he is NOT HOT! He can jump in the lake and drown for all I care. On second thought, I want him to.....MWA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Remenesse or whatever- ...........No comment...........

Fav Couples Edit

Werewolf Shipping- Awwwwww poor Jacob! POOR POOOR DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! I feel your pain. D= (JacobxBella)

Vampire Shipping- Well I just barley like this one......but Edward DID see Bella first.....I can't help thinking the only reason he likes her is cuz of her smell. This is what I think will happen later on:

Edward: I love you, Bella.
Bella: I love you, too, Edward. *Kisses Edward*
Edward: *Bites her neck* MWA HA HAH HA HA!!!!!!! You were a fool, Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!! MWA HA!

Well yes we all know that will never happen, but still.....

Fave Books Edit

Twilight and Eclipse!!!! They are the best!!!

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