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  • I live in district 2
  • My occupation is career tribute
  • I am male


I am a HUGE fan of the hunger games. I also like Twilight and Harry Potter!

feel free to message me

top 10 favourite characters- TwilightEdit

  1. Emmett Cullen- AWESOME!
  2. Jasper Hale- AWESOME!
  3. Alice Cullen- she can see the future!
  4. Rosalie Hale- AWESOME!
  6. James- is awesome!
  9. Demetri- member of the volturi
  10. Felix- member of the volturi

top 10 worst characters- TwilightEdit

  1. Edward Cullen- HATE HIM!
  2. Jacob Black- HATE HIM!
  3. Bella Swan- HATE HER!
  4. Carlisle Cullen- never wants to fight! BORING!
  5. Sam- just don't like him
  6. Aro- creepy
  7. Jared- just don't like him
  8. Marcus- to calm
  9. Laurent- freaky
  10. Paul- temper temper!

top 10 favourite characters- the hunger gamesEdit

  1. Cato- he is awesome! He is strong, a good fighter and his weapon is a sword!
  2. Clove- she is awesome! She is fats, she is a good fighter and her weapon is throwing knives!
  3. Marvel- he is a career
  4. Glimmer- he is a career
  5. Enobaria- she is a career
  6. Brutus- he is a career
  7. Gloss- he is a career
  8. Cashmere- she is a career
  9. Rue- she got far for a 12 year old
  10. Finnick- career

top 10 worst characters- the hunger gamesEdit

  1. Peeta Mellark- I just hate him
  2. Thresh- he killed Clove
  3. Katniss Everdeen- she killed Cato
  4. Gale Hawthorne- I just hate him
  5. Foxface- she didn't fight
  6. President Snow- he is creepy
  7. Haymitch- he is always drunk
  8. Effie- she is way to pink for my taste
  9. Cinna- he wears gold eyeliner. Who wears gold eyeliner who is a boy? seriously!
  10. Caesar Flickerman- I dunno he is just weird

top 10 favourite characters- Harry PotterEdit

  1. Neville Longbottom- why is it always me? lol
  2. Draco Malfoy- awesome!
  3. Voldemort- awesome!
  4. Dobby- Dobby has no master! Dobby is a free elf! And Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends! awesome line!
  5. Ron Weasley- funny and awesome!
  6. Fred Weasley- awesome! funny as well!
  7. George Weasley- awesome! funny as well!
  8. Seamus- BOOM! lol
  9. Sirius Black- awesome!
  10. Severus Snape- awesome!

top 10 worst characters- Harry PotterEdit

  1. Cedric Diggory- I hate. hate, HATE him!
  2. Albus Dumbledore- he isn't a nice man if you think about it. He let Lilly Potter die!
  3. Bellatrix Lestrange- killed Dobby and Sirius!
  4. Cho Chang- just don't like her
  5. Lucius Malfoy- needs a hair cut
  6. Wormtail- I just hate him
  7. Cornelious Fudge- I just don't like him
  8. Umbridge- too pink!!!
  9. Crabb- weird
  10. Goyle- weird

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