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April 14, 2012
  • I live in Christian Camargo and Taylor Lautner's beds
  • I was born on April 16
  • My occupation is shufflin' everyday, party rockin', obsessing over Twilight and The Hunger Games
  • I am the girl of your dreams!
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What is there to say? I'm 15! Edward can go die. I'm very opinionated, so I can come off as bitchy sometimes. Sorry, guys. That's just how I roll. "If you can't handle the heat, don't come into the kitchen!" as [[User:LavendaBrunette|Kelly]] says.
<gallery captionalign="left">
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Bella-swan-and-the-twilight-saga-breaking-dawn-part-1-gallery.png|Bella's rings are gorgeous, especially her engagement ring. So classical.
Still 002.jpg|Ew. Whores kissing.
BDedbella.jpg|What Bella and Edward have ain't love, kids. Don't let the picture fool you.
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==My Wiki friends!==
*[[User:TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt|Dee]] - Dee is just about the biggest fan of Taylor/Jacob out there. I love her like Bella loves Jacob!
*[[User:LavendaBrunette|Kelly]] - Sister Monster, babe! We both love Gaga; put your paws up!
*[[User:Nathan Hunter|Nathan]] - Savannah's husband. He's a very nice guy; hope I can talk with him on the Wiki soon.
*[[User:Bellscullen|Dorothy]] - My first friend on the Wiki! I love her to bits of Peeta's bread!
*[[User:DenaliLover|Volante]] - Denalis forever, gurly! We both love the Denalis and Mia Maestro.
*[[User:TeamTaycobsessiveObnoxiousMoronicBlackNike'sGirl|Nike's Girl]] - Jella hugs, babe! We love Jella and Taysten!
*[[User:Twilightsagafan|Justine]] - ''Hunger Games ''lover forever! We are both obsessed with ''The Hunger Games''!
==My signature (you know you love it!)==
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