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Cappuccino Cullen
Biographical information

February 24, 1997


July 27, 2008


Crystaline Decaf

Physical description

Shape-Shifter (mentally)





Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Light tan

Family information
Family members

Lilli (mother)
Raymond (father)
Alyssa (sister)
Jerome (brother)

Magical characteristics

basic shape-shifter talents

Special abilities

Inaccurate prophecies through dreams
controlled spazz attacks


Alpha Fangirl
Beta Wolf


the Pack of Room 102

Sydney: Everyone looks depressed today. I feel like crap, Alexis looks sleep deprived, Jade looks miserable, Maggie looks.... like a zombie, Rachel looks grumpy and Kathryn...
Rachel: Kathryn looks like Kathryn.
Jade: I think she looks happy.
Alexis: Really? She looks the same to me.
Sydney: Kathryn looks demented.
Cappuccino/Kathryn: What if I AM demented?
-Sydney on Cappuccino

Cappuccino Cullen is an avid Twilight fangirl native to Western Kentucky. She is known as the leader of the sixth grade fangirls, being the first to discover the red and black bible. Taking charge of identifying whether one is a true fangirl or not, Cappuccino expresses distaste at those who haven't finished the series but call themselves fangirls. Also the beta wolf of the Pack of Room 102, Cappuccino inaccurately prophecizes future events through dreams.

History Edit

Discovering Twilight Edit

Discovering Twilight in late 2007, Cappuccino was once a Potterhard. Taking instant dislike towards the saga after reading the Time magazine arcticle Stephenie Meyer... the Next J.K. Rowling? After having a dream about  a Twilight-Harry Potter crossover, Cappuccino decided to give Twilight a chance. Reluctant to admit its brilliance over Harry Potter, she finally announced in in early July. At the end of the same month, she had a dream in which a classmate of hers, Zack, phases into a werewolf. 

Introdcing Them to Twilight Edit

Cappuccino started middle school in 2008, tryig her hardest to bring Twilight out of the shadows and create real fans before the movie trailers were shown on television in order to prevent phoney balogna ones like the ones who think that Bella has a Ford. Her first and foremost project was her newfound, Twilight hating, Potterholic friend Sydney. Eventually-by force-Sydney became a fangirl. Being the first Twilight fan of the sixth grade, she was given the title Alpha Fangirl. Cappuccino has been receiving spazz attacks in the middle of class. However, her teachers understand. If they didn't, she'd be in detention.According to a fellow classmate, her spazz attacks "look like seziures."  Notorious for her fangirlism, peoplesee her as an object of ammusment, often following her around and saying all the words they know about Twilight, trying to see if she will have a spazz attack.

The dreams of Zack continued.

The Pack of Room 102 Edit

In mid January, Cappuccino's Science teacher switched the seating chart, placing Cappuccino, Zack, and two fake fans at the same table. Having a minor spazz attack, she told Zack of her continuous dreams. Therefore, the two named their table "the Pack," Zack being the Alpha and Cappuccino as the Beta.

Controversy of Goth, Punk, and Emo Edit

 In late February 2009, Cappuccino feared she was turning Emo, due the the sudden purchase of music by Paramore, Linkin Park, Muse, Coldplay, and those people. Fake Fan #1 assured her that liking the music doesn't make one Emo, as wel as Sydney. However, on a visit to Kohl's, Cappuccino purchased at least four black clothing items, causing her fear of turing Goth. A day later, back at Kohl's, she purchased an Abbey Dawn shirt designed by Avril Lavigne with a pink skull and crossbones decpicted on it. After reading an interview in which Avril Lavigne stated that "[she's] not punk," Cappuccino returned to the fear of turning Goth.

Physical Appearance Edit

Cappuccino stands at the average Kentuckian's 5'3" despite her Asian heritage with a medium-sized build. She has stubborn, shoulder length raven black hair that refuses to straighten. Cappuccino insists that her eyes are chocolate-caramel brown because she believes that brown is just plain boring. She perfers to wear baggy jeans and layer t-shirts, often wearing sneakers or ballet flats.  She never confirmed whetheror not she is a shape-shifter, but the Pack of Room 102 thinks that she would be "tall, slender, light with raven black fur." Her Asian heritage is mainly Filipino, so she comes with the standard flat-looking nose and lack of patience.

Personality and Traits Edit

According to Sydney, Cappuccino is crazy, happy, bouncy, and hyper. Amanda says that she is just plain crazy, while Zack says that "why is the Beta wolf smarter than the Alpha?" Her fifth grade teacher describes her as being, "quiet, but happy-go-lucky." Throughout fifth grade, she was very quiet and reserved, some people believing she was mute. In the beginning of sixth grade, Sydney taught her how to be talkative. As several people started insulting Twilight, Cappuccino has gained a very fragile temper. Spending most of her life in her room, music is always playing. Cappuccino enjoys pop, rock, alternative, and country. She is known to scribble "TEAM EMMETT" on her hand in Sharpie every morning. She CLAIMS to be a shape shifter. The shape shifting traits were placed here to spare her laptop's life.

Shape Shifting traitsEdit

  • Regeneration - Body heals at an abnormal rate, faster than any human body can.
  • Phasing - Can morph in and out of "werewolf" form. With practice and skill, one can morph faster and with more efficiency. While less experienced, young werewolves will frequently phase when losing their tempers. There is still a risk when a werewolf ages and becomes more and more experienced in controlling their powers, but happens much less frequently.
  • Telepathy - Only works within pack, when in wolf form. They can speak with each other telepathically and hear each other's thoughts. Though this is more than useful while hunting and tracking, there is no privacy left in the pack because of this ability. It can be described as both a gift and a burden.
  • Physically enhanced - Has "super-strength" in both wolf and human form. In wolf form, they are also exceptionally fast. Before phasing, the human form will build up their muscles naturally and will be ready for the first time they phase.
  • Delayed aging - They cannot start aging until a solid period of time without phasing goes by. It is unknown the exact length of time, only it would be very difficult because of what causes phasing and the fact that the current pack are so frequently needed in the present time of the books.
  • Constant temperature - Werewolves have a constant body temperature of about 108 degrees to withstand severe cold.
  • Imprinting - Werewolves can imprint on a certain person they see once they begin phasing. Jacob describes imprinting to be stronger than true love.

Relationships Edit


Cappuccino: Them? Uh....
-Cappuccino on her relationship with her family

Cappuccino has often said that she is the most Americanized one in her family. She confided in an essay for Religion class that she feels distant from her family, as if they don't understand her, depite her love for them. She finds little in common with the rest of them, being the closest to her father. Cappuccino expresses distaste at being seen in public with her mother due to her lack of knowledge of the English language.

Friends Edit

Cappuccino: I don't know what I'd do without them.
-Cappuccino on her relationship with friends

Cappuccino prefers to keep company with her friends, cooping herself up in her room over the weekends in order to avoid interaction with her family. Her closest friend is Sydney, a fellow Twilighter and Potterholic. It is rather easy for her to interact with people other than friends and be friendly to them. She is often noted to bethe secondary replacement peacemaker for the sixth grade girls. Cappuccino sometimes says that everyone in her class is family. "If one person is absent, nothing's the same." Cappuccino's friends look to her for advice on how to ignore things that annoy them when she's not being a fangirl. 

Pack Edit

Zack: Now, lowest wolf. It is your turn to answer a question.
Fake Fan #1: But...
Cappuccino: Look, if you don't answer the question, we'll demote you to -1st wolf.
-Zack and Cappuccino leading their pack

One of hte reasons Capuccino is able to get her but out of bed every moring is because of first hour Science. The Pack of Room 102 is probably one of her favorite pars of the day. She enjoys almost every minute of class Cappuccino expresses concern when a member is absent, despite the fact that she mainly enjoys criticizing Zack's predjiduce against vampires. She enjoys the power that comes with being second in command, often abusing it in order to punish fake fans. As much as it has pained her to admit it, she enjoys Zack's company the most.

Zack (Alpha) - Cappuccino spends most of Science class teaching Zack about the difference between stereotypical vamps and wolves. He has been declared very lazy, practically declaring Cappuccino Alpha due to his laziness. 

Emily (Second Lowest Wolf) (Fake Fan #2) - Emily and Cappuccino get on well enough, despite the fact that the kindness is forced on Cappuccino's part. Capuccino shows distaste in Emily's claim to be a fangirl.

Jules (Fake Fan #1) (Lowest Wolf) - Cappuccino's dislike for Jules dates back to fourth grade, rising in fifth when she wouldn't quit stalking her.

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