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[[File:How-to-draw-quileute-tribe-tattoo-from-new-moon-tutorial-drawing.jpg|thumb|220px|Wolf Pack]]
[[File:How-to-draw-quileute-tribe-tattoo-from-new-moon-tutorial-drawing.jpg|thumb|220px|Wolf Pack]]
==About me==
==My favorite pages==
* [[Seth Clearwater]]
* [[Boo Boo Stewart]]
* [[Embry Call]]
* [[Kiowa Gordon]]
* [[Jacob Black]]
* [[Taylor Lautner]]
* [[Sam Uley's Pack]]
* [[La Push]]
==Pages I've Created==
==Pages I've Created==
*[[Makah tribe|Makah tribe ]]
*[[Makah tribe|Makah tribe ]]

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Wolf Pack

Pages I've CreatedEdit


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Twilight wolfgaincontrol 100x75Twilight wolfimprint 100x75cTwilight defendpack 100x75

My Fanfic Sequel to the Twilight SagaEdit

My sequel to the Twilight Saga is set six months after the events of Breaking Dawn, in July. Sixteen-year-old Evelyn Moon moves to La Push with her mother, Dr. Hannah Moon, who has just been through a messy divorce from Evelyn's father who was cheating on her with a younger woman. Evie meets and befriends Billy Black, her mother's best friend and high school sweetheart, and his son Jacob. She and Jacob grow to be close, and he introduces her to his best friends Quil Ateara and Embry Call. Evie and Embry begin to date, and she begins the new school year at the Quileute Tribal School, in the sophomore class.

I will not reveal any more as it would contain major spoilers, but this is a brief recap of the first few chapters which I am currently writing and will publish shortly. However, the photo kind of gives it away so I will tell you one last piece of information: Evelyn phases into a pure white wolf, but not until the second book (I'm intending a three book story). Writing the three separate stories will take time, but I will persist as I am truly inspired. Please stay tuned as Chapter 3 of the first book will be published in the next few weeks, and feel free to leave constructive criticism and advice!

Thank you very much,



Evelyn Moon

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