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Twilight is a series of vampire novels by Stephenie Meyer. It follows the life of Bella Swan, a teenager who moves to Forks, Washington, and finds her life radically changed when she falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen.

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Hi my name is Jessy, my user name is Big Brother 99, you can say hi to me on my user page, thanks guys! Plus if you want to be happy with me, you can just smile at me and I will automatically like you and befriend you. Twilight is such an good franchise, Stephenie Meyer did a great job on the franchise, thanks for making it happen.





Template:Vamp Character Info Box 2 Over one thousand years ago, Jessica was turned into a Vampire by some unknown vampire like Carlisle who adopted Jessica and she married Edward after He watched Bella die while she was staying with the Volturi for seven months as a form of punishment for what she had done the seven month period was some form to take Bella over to their side, but it didn't work as she has her mental shield that she had when she was a vampire.


When she was born, she was born to a poor family that had little money, all that she could afford was to buy staple things like oats, bread and eggs. That is all she could afford to give to her family. She was born into a family that couldn't help themselves as they had very little.

She was walking home one night and she was bitten by the unknown vampire who might of been the one who created Carlisle bit her arm and then she was writhing in pain for three days in a sewer that wasn't that far from to where her family had lived. She then woke up a vampire and slaughtered her family as they were food and she was a newborn vampire at the time and could help her thirst.

When she got stronger and the Volturi had noticed her, she was asked but she declined the offer saying it would be "wasteful and distasteful" for her join. So she when later moved on and lived her life.


She is pretty.


Tally stall (Adoptive Daughter)
Tobias Eaton (Adoptive Son)
Renesmee Cullen (Step Daughter)
Peter Masskika (Adoptive Son)
Carlisle Cullen
Esme Cullen
Bella Cullen
Jasper Hale
Alice Cullen
Rosalie Hale
Emmett Cullen


"There is little to be done here but to whimper and cower as she lends herself ashtray"




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Carlisle’s Diary ~ Halloween . November 9, 2013 at 4:26pm


Dear Diary:

So very glad that love triangle ended amicably. Now our family concentrates on a bit of a happier times; it’s Halloween! We all have our costumes ready to go. All of the photos of absolutely everything are below. So as you know Halloween is a special time in our family because it not only makes for a fun day and night dressed up and looking strange, but it’s also Rogue’s birthday. Alice really wanted to plan and have a party but Rogue wanted things her way. So with Alice’s help, she turned her and Alexander’s home into a haunted house/haunted Halloween gathering. On top of that, there was a Halloween party at the hospital so we decided to split the evening half and half. First go to the party at the hospital, then skip out early and celebrate Rogue’s birthday at her place. Most of our costumes were based on fairy tales. The only ones that were not were Rogue and Alexander’s (not surprisingly), Kim and Michelle, and Edward and Bella. John and Maria weren’t in town but sent their well wishes from Europe. Neither were fond of Halloween so they took their leave beforehand. I will tell you what our costumes are before Alice kills me. Esme and I are going as Aladdin and Jasmin. Yes, I wear a turban and my wife is showing her belly. Bet you didn’t think she would ever go that risqué but after her soul searching journey she decided to have some fun. Alice and Jasper were dressed like Snow White and the Prince while Emmett and Rose were Tarzan and Jane. His physique helped fill out that costume nicely. The only thing he grumbled against was the wig, but Tarzan has long hair and Emmett….well…..doesn’t; so really a no brainer there. Next were Edward and Bella who went as Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre. They really went all out to find the right period pieces. Nessie and Jacob were Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast; fits perfectly, considering he’s a wolf. Corin and Seth were Arial and Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid), Leah and Keith went as Pocahontas and John Smith because Leah really wanted to showcase her Native American heritage. Finally that left Kim and Michelle who dressed up as pirates, Amy and Peter who went as Cinderella and her prince, and last but not least Rogue and Alexander who went as Trinity and Neo from the Matrix. No way in hell was Rogue getting dressed up as some fairy tale especially on her birthday. It just wasn’t her; she wasn’t anyone’s pretty pretty princess. I think she actually hates the color pink.

But I digress. As you know also, Halloween is the day Carrie is to be executed and that execution was carried out without incident. But I will talk about that toward the end. Ironically, Rogue was forbidden to be there by none other than her friend and former FBI partner Scott Kramer. He told her that she wasn’t allowed into the building. He did that because he didn’t want her to spend her birthday watching Carrie’s execution. He said he’ll take care of it and since her execution was to be carried out in the early evening anyways, he had plenty of time to be there. To make things more interesting, he actually dressed up as the grim reaper so the last thing Carrie would see as the needle was plunged into her arm was that. If that isn’t metaphorically perfect, I don’t know what is.

Moving onto more pleasant things, our family got dressed up and came downstairs for the drive to the hospital. We were all going in cars so we would be more human-like as opposed to phasing, flying, or running and then wearing our costumes and possibly losing pieces of them somewhere along the way. The hospital party was set for 6pm. Everyone was coming with their families. For once, all of the people I worked with directly weren’t working on shift so could enjoy the party completely. That meant that Betsy and her husband Bob, Charlotte, Ben plus baby Hope, and Bill Connolly with his wife Theresa would all be there.

Once we were all ready, we got into 5 cars and rode to the hospital. Everyone was laughing at themselves and at each other. We were also curious what my colleagues looked like. Once we arrived at the hospital, we parked and got out. We hadn’t seen the Watchers’ costumes up until that point as we went from our respective houses and were pleasantly surprised how different and yet still cohesive we all looked. We walked into the hospital through one of the side doors and followed the signs to the main pavilion where the party was held.

Considering this was hospital the decorations were impressive. It looked like an abandoned insane asylum with cobwebs and spiders, bugs and blood everywhere. At first I didn’t recognize anyone because as far as costumes go, people had gone all out. There were the usual vampire and werewolf section along with grim reapers, monsters of all kinds and bloody zombie like characters. Then Bill Connolly popped up behind me as usual scaring the living daylights out of me.

“Hey Carlisle! Glad you folks could make it. Pretty cool don’t you think?” He said with a laugh. He gestured around the room. He himself and his wife Theresa were dressed like a king and queen from the renaissance era.

“Holy……! Bill can you stop scaring the life out of me?” I said with a small jump. Bill laughed.“Well at least if you have a heart attack….you’ve come to the right place!” He said with a wink as I sighed.“Wonderful. Where’s Betsy?” I said looking round the room but trying to find my head nurse in that gaggle of costumes was impossible. Just then I saw a very blue person waving at me. It was Betsy. She was laughing as she and her husband Bob walked over.“Betsy? Is that you under there?” I asked quizzically.“Yep. Bob and I are the Ice King and Queen. What do you think?” She said with a giggle.“Wow. Very impressive. But I think you guys stayed at the North Pole for a little too long…..that’s very blue. I hope it comes off.” I said with a smile as Esme and the others laughed.“It better, this thing is very itchy.” Bob grumbled trying to scratch his own nose which was covered by a very long pointed nose which was getting in the way.“Oh quit grumbling and enjoy!” Betsy scolded her husband while everyone continued to laugh.

At this point as Betsy and I stood talking along with Esme, Bob, Bill, and Theresa, the others drifted away and were mingling amongst the hospital staff and picking at the snacks on the long tables at the far corner of the room. People were taking photos with each other and there had even been a photo booth set up so people could really get cool photos if they wanted to. My family enjoyed that booth very much. They actually at one point tried to fit everyone in at the same time and nearly caused the booth to topple over; as Jacob and Emmett literally rolled out….everyone else was laughing so hard tears were coming out…and someone snorted which caused more laughter. We had taken a family photo before we left outside of our house. We were going to take another one before Rogue’s party outside of her house with the Watchers included.

As all of these shenanigans were going on, in walked Charlotte, holding baby Hope and Ben. You could tell who they were because they didn’t have any fancy makeup on. Charlotte and Hope were both angels with wings and halos while Ben was Zeus. They walked right over to us and we hugged as Esme and the other women cooed over baby Hope who was quite content in her little outfit. Ben had a little stroller with him that he parked in the corner for when Charlotte wanted a rest or they wanted to dance or eat. They weren’t staying long either.

“Howdy Dr. Cullen. Wow you make a great Aladdin! And Esme you look like a great Jasmine!” Charlotte exclaimed.“Thanks honey. I knew I wanted to be Jasmine for a while. And sticking the turban on Carlisle was fun too.” Esme said with a giggle as Charlotte laughed.“Maybe you should wear that turban to the hospital more often, Dr. Cullen.” Charlotte said with a wink as I rolled my eyes.“Do I look like a snake charmer to you?” I said sarcastically as the women continued to laugh at me. Then Rogue walked by with a wave and a smile, Charlotte looked at her with awe.“Wow! Rogue really makes Trinity looks fierce. I loved The Matrix movies. Ben and I have them on a DVD box set at home. And isn’t her birthday today too?”“Yes it is her birthday today, that’s why we aren’t staying that late either; we’re having a family dinner back at her and Alexander’s place, Halloween style.” I said with a smile.

I glanced at my watch and it said 7:15pm, it was then that I noticed Rogue looking at her phone and closing her eyes and opening them again. She looked at her phone again and texted something and then took a deep breath. All of her Watchers and the rest of us were focused on her without being obvious about it. She looked at me and nodded. Just then I heard her voice in my head as well as the heads of everyone involved:

“It is over. Carrie was executed at 7:13pm. Scott said all went off without a hitch.”

It was over wasn’t it? No more Carrie. I knew Charlotte remembered today as well so when Rogue was looking at her phone, Charlotte knew what it meant and looked at Rogue who nodded and smiled at her. Charlotte knew what that meant too and let out a huge breath of air. She then went to the open bar that we had set up and got a glass of wine. We all followed suit without saying a word. Then our family along with Charlotte, Ben and Bill, Betsy and their spouses who were also told the news, just clinked our glasses in a silent toast and prayer. Words were just not needed in this case.

We stayed at the hospital for another 2 hours, dancing and enjoying life. Then after saying goodnight to everyone, we piled back into our respective cars and home we went for part 2 of that nights celebration; Rogue’s birthday. When we go to her and Alexander’s house, Rose set up the camera and Rogue turned on the fog machine so it looked like we were taking a family picture in front of a house that was located in a swamp. They really know how to decorate these Watchers of ours. Their homes all looked like ancient burial grounds. 3,000+ years will perfect any method of decoration I suppose.

Then we went inside which was super spooky and after all 350 candles were lit in the dining room and living room areas, sat down at the table to have dinner. Everything was catered and had arrived there just as we arrived so all we had to do was serve which we decided would be easier to do in a buffet style way. So near a just pile of bones you had pasta with sauce and mozzarella cheese looking like a bunch of eyeballs, meat that looked like it had maggots coming out of it, salad with “bugs”, the cake was red and black with skulls on it. There were even Halloween martinis that Alexander made.

Soon enough, Scott joined us and we had a marvelous time eating, drinking and chatting. When it was time to eat desert, Alexander put 1 candle in it because he said he would burn the whole town down if he put the correct amount of candles in. And that the state of NH didn’t even have that many candles available. Everyone laughed. Scott knowing the history of the Watchers’ from previous encounters that Rogue told you about a few months back, was brought in on the secret of whom the Cullen clan was. He was a bit surprised by the knowledge of wolves and hybrids but other than that he was surprisingly calm about it. I was very surprised. I expected him to really flip out but he said after being around Rogue or Rose as he called her for so many years, nothing surprised him. I can’t say I blame the guy.

So we ate, drank, and were merry as they say. After dinner and desert, we turned on some music and danced. It was all Rogue wanted. She didn’t want some over the top birthday party put together by Alice. She was very low key. Besides, when you’ve been alive for over 3,000 years… don’t need crazy wild bashes and giant celebrations. Just a quiet nice “glad you’re still on this planet” and that’s good enough for her. Bella really admired her for that much to Alice’s dismay. No matter what, Bella would never become the party animal Alice wanted her to be; and that was just fine with Bella, Leah, and Rogue. They didn’t like shopping, clothes, or planning parties and that made them get along very well.

After the party dispersed and it was well after midnight, Scott stuck around to tell Rogue about Carrie’s execution. We were all gone by then. Her last meal was pizza. And when she was brought into the execution chamber and strapped to the gurney, she was looking sullen. Then she gasped as the curtain was drawn and she saw Scott in the grim reaper outfit. He said the look on her face gave him an immense amount of pleasure.

Her last words were “this isn’t the last you’ve heard of me.”

Rogue frowned at that. Scott wasn’t worried, he said that everything went off well and her heart stopped and they pronounced her at 7:13pm. Something though wasn’t right. Rogue couldn’t put her finger on it but Scott told her that she was just being superstitious. Scott promised that he would be there when they dropped her in the ground too. Rogue thanked Scott for everything. And as he left her house to go home being the last one to leave, Alexander had already finished cleaning up. He looked at her and said:

“It is over……isn’t it?”

“I don’t know.” She said.

Something was off.

~Carlisle Cullen

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