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March 28, 2011
as you can tell im a fan of bellatrix from harry potter the only two times i dont like her is when she kills dobby(is that ok to say i assume every one knows if u dont sorry)and when she killed sirius i aso love draco malfoy and severus snape im a slytherin not sayin what he did was right but every1 makes voldemort and there death eaters bad no they we standing up for what they thought was right pureblood no mudbloods/sorry muggle borns(rolls eyes sorry im a slytherin)halfbloods were ok somewhat no muggles or blood traders itmight just be that im a slytherin is why idont think is is that bad but think about it they stood up for what they thought was right so did harry and them im goin to shut up now...... and i love paul from twilight and the volturi and wolfpack and jasper and emmett and i think jane's power is awesome and i love damon salvatore from vampire diaries

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