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hey i am Kristen! i am like the biggest fan of the whole twilight saga. i am so crazy about that that i have actually done a thesis on all the characters. I do not have enough information on the nomads, the volturi and other covens but since im new here, i'll definitely be able to keep up on all the information and can get completely loaded on the whole saga. honestly speaking, the books are excellent but the movie, because of finishing the sequences within two hours, the movies weren't exactly up to the mark, but the movie actually gives a type of visualization of who exactly the characters might be. I am so in love with Edward that for every difficult situation, i think about his personality and how he would have reacted to the situation. The actors portraying the characters in twilight were excellent too and i credit them for that as they were able to create an impact on every human girl's mind. and a few guys too :P I know that boys seem completely pissed off because their girlfriends keep comparing them to few of the main male characters they like. Honestly boys, everyone goes through it and you'll just have to try hard and keep up :) Well, Iam completely against people calling Edward gay because he shines in the sunlight. Come on people, don't you like the author? So you're supposed to know the fact that Stephenie Meyer didnt exactly research on the whole vampire history so its obvious that they will be things that are completely out of the box. But hats off to Stephenie's creativity. I really love twilight and am looking forward to Breaking Dawn Part 2. Its gonna be epic! <3

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