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My birthday is 16 August. I'm male. My hair s black and curly. Im 5'10' last time I checked. First time I heard of Twilght was with the movie release in 2008. I watched the trailers but it was all bogus to me back then so didnt bother watching it. But then in December 2009 I got lucky in a bet and won a bit of cash. So i went on a shopping spree and ended up with a pile of games but thats pretty normal I'm a gamer. But I still had some money left I didn't want to spend all of it on games so I went to a little out of the way bookstore and while surfing the titles I saw the Twilight book. I thought 'I know that guy'. I then realised it was the movie cover that was on the book. Probably one of the later editions. So just on a hunch I bought it never thinking much about it. As it turned out it was only after Christmas that I looked away from the computer screen and saw the novel lying there and since I was I was pretty tired, I started reading. And, well I have never regretted spending those $19.99 on twilight and later on the three other books plus on TSSLoBT.

And for the most part I'm Team Edward, because I hate Jacob.

I have found several mistakes in the movies, which I personally consider awful because of their deviation fron the original plot line, as well as many things in the novels themselves which don't quite add up or make sense or else could be hugely improved upon.

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